Baekjeong closes with Origin Korean BBQ set to replace it

Los Angeles, CA – A decade ago, the Los Angeles Koreatown barbecue scene, once vibrant, had become stagnant, dominated by all-you-can-eat establishments. Then, a spark of rejuvenation arrived in the form of Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong, opened by the celebrated South Korean comedian and television personality of the same name.

Occupying a space within the historic Chapman Plaza, Baekjeong injected energy and enthusiasm into the neighborhood. Fans flocked to experience its unique offerings, including high-quality cuts of galbi (marinated short ribs) and prime outside skirt, cooked to perfection on a combination gas and charcoal grill.

Over the years, the restaurant simplified its name to Baekjeong, which translates to “butcher,” and expanded its reach beyond Los Angeles. New locations opened in New York City, Torrance, Buena Park, San Jose, and Seattle. However, the original establishment in LA, birthplace of this exciting chapter in Koreatown dining, is poised for a transformation.

Soon, the familiar space will unveil a new concept: Origin Korean Barbecue. This shift marks the end of an era but also the beginning of a new culinary adventure. However, it looks like the venue will remain as a Korean BBQ spot. While details regarding Origin remain under wraps, it promises to continue the legacy of innovation and quality that Baekjeong established a decade ago. As seen, the signage has already changed which means that Origin will be opening soon. However, there is no set opening date as of yet.