Illinois Food Truck praised for creativity after ambulance conversion

Glenview, IL – A food truck based out of Glenview in Illinois has been praised for its creativity online. Although it has been around since 2016, only recently did it gain attention for its interesting choice of vehicle. As seen, this is a converted ambulance that has kept its original red and white color scheme, as well as the ambulance lights.

In fairness, it’s not every day that you see an ambulance converted into a food truck. However, thinking about it, this is actually a good idea as it’s the perfect size and certainly sticks out due to its distinct look.


Riobamba Latin Kitchen is a quick-service Latin restaurant located in Glenview, Illinois that started as a food truck in Glenview, and its menu is based on the brothers Mike and Tony Andino’s Latin American heritage. Based in 1869 Waukegan Road, the eatery also offers gluten and dairy-free options which is something of a rarity when eating Mexican food.

Their tacos, tortas, and tamales are all made with fresh ingredients and they’re known for their natural flavors. Apparently, they offer catering services as well, so you can bring their tasty food to any event! It seems like Riobamba is a real community favorite, so if you’re ever in the area, be sure to check them out for a taste of Latin America!