100 Korean Food Truck Name Ideas

101 Korean Food Truck Name Ideas

Check out these 101 Korean food truck name ideas for your new mobile catering business

100 Korean Food Truck Name Ideas

Korean food has become wildly popular in a lot of Western countries over the last few years which can be seen with a plethora of Korean restaurants popping up in cities selling everything from spicy barbequed meats and Kimchi to Bibimbap (warm rice topped with mixed vegetables, beef or chicken, raw egg, with soy sauce and chilli pepper paste for seasoning).

This is a good sign as it shows there is demand and where restaurants go food trucks and mobile catering businesses often follow. Take for example the very popular Kogi Korean food truck in Los Angeles that specializes in BBQ food.

So if you are starting a Korean food truck business and need a name to help you stand out from the crowd and attract customers then read on for 101 Korean food truck name ideas.

Tips for naming your Korean food truck

Before we dive into the list of 101 Korean food truck names there are a few tips that help you to come up with some of your own and other things you may want to consider.

Is it registered or trademarked?

Before naming your Korean food truck you should check the name you are going for to see if it is not already registered as a food business or trademarked.

This can get you into all types of trouble down the line and can result in you having to rename your food truck business which can present all kinds of problems for branding and customer recognition.

You can check Companies House in the UK to see if the name is taken, or if you are in the US you can go to the United States Trademark and Patent Office (USTPO).

US citizens can also check with their local state office to see if a food business is registered with the name they want.

Add the food or country in the title

When coming up with a name for your Korean food truck you want to either put the name of the food you intend to sell ( Bao buns for example) or the nation the food is connected to (in this case Korean).

This will let your customers know what specific type of food or national foods you are selling and remove any guesswork and barriers to a sale.

Keep it short and catchy

Do not use any more than three words when deciding on a Korean food truck name. You want the name to be as memorable as possible and roll off the tongue. It also helps if the words rhyme

Any more than three words can just sound a bit awkward and lead to confusion and customers mispronouncing your name or just forgetting it completely.

Use familiar words

Most people like familiarity and don’t like to second guess what it is you sell. It is good to be creative, but there is a fine balance to be struck.

Therefore try to use words people are familiar with and stay away from two words that have been smashed together to form a new unfamiliar word.

Use a simple formula

There is a very effective and simple formula you can use when coming up with Korean food truck names.

You add a name or place, plus the specific food or national foods you intend to sell, and add the word Co. at the end.

Example Korean food truck name:

Chan-yeol  (name) + fried chicken (food) + Co. = Chan-yeol’s fried chicken Co.

Seoul (place) + Bao (food) + Co. = Seoul Boa Co.

Not only does this tell potential customers what food you sell but also makes you sound more professional by having the word “Co.” in the name.

Make a shortlist

From the list below of 100 Korean food truck names, you can maybe add some more to the list and then shortlist 20, and then get it down to the top 10 you are happy with.

You can then run this list by family and friends or do an online survey through Survey Monkey or Facebook to get some feedback at scale.

100 Korean Food Truck Name Ideas

  • Korean Food co.
  • Korean Mobile Kitchen
  • Korean Kitchen
  • Seoul Food
  • Seoul Box
  • Kimchi Kitchen
  • Kimchi Cafe
  • Food Truck To Busan
  • Korean Cafe
  • Busan Buffet
  • Korean BBQ Truck
  • Korean BBQ
  • Korean BBQ Co.
  • Korean BBQ Co.
  • Korean King Grill

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  • Little Seoul
  • Seoul Box
  • Seoul Hub
  • Tiger Rolls
  • Roll To Seoul
  • Korean hotspot
  • Bao bun
  • Bao Bus
  • Chan-yeol (means fiery) Korean Kitchen
  • The Daegu Diner
  • Korean Fried Chicken Co.
  • Taste of Korea
  • The Bulgogi Food Truck
  • The Bulgogi Bus
  • The Little Korean
  • Bulgogi Grill
  • K-Food Co.
  • The Korean Hot-Pot
  • Heart and Seoul BBQ
  • K-Truck BBQ
  • Seoul On Wheels
  • Seoul Truck BBQ
  • Seoul Train BBQ
  • Seoul BBQ Co.
  • Seoul Street Grill
  • Seoul Shack
  • Fresh from Seoul
  • Seoul Street Food
  • Korean street feast
  • Korean Flame
  • Korean Street Flair
  • The Rolling Seoul
  • The Rolling Korean
  • The Seoul Chef
  • Made In Korea
  • Made in Seoul
  • The Busan Bus
  • The Bibimbap Bus

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  • Duri’s Korean BBQ
  • Duri’s Fried Chichen
  • Koriila BBQ
  • Kims Korean Food Truck
  • Kims Korean Street Food
  • Ginseng Cafe
  • Kims Seoul Shack
  • The Korean Bros
  • The Seoul Bros
  • The Spice Box
  • The Busan LunchBox
  • The Korean Connection
  • Busan Street Food
  • Kimchi Dinner
  • Heart & Seoul Street Food
  • Korean-Fusion
  • Korean Fusion Co.
  • Jook Heon Song BBQ Grill
  • Kim Chee BBQ Bar
  • The Rice Bowl
  • Charred Korean BBQ
  • Seongbuk BBQ Truck
  • Seongbuk Food Co.
  • Seongbuk Street Food
  • South Korean BBQ Co.
  • South Korean Street Food
  • Sunshine Seoul
  • House Of Kim
  • The Korean King
  • Haseyo BBQ
  • Seoul Station BBQ
  • California Korean BBQ
  • Jin Joo Grill
  • Gaja Korean Bar


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