201 BBQ Food Truck Name Ideas

If you are thinking of starting a BBQ food truck business and looking for name ideas then look no further

201 BBQ Food Truck Name Ideas

BBQ food trucks are one of the most profitable types of mobile catering businesses in the events industry and are popular, especially in the summer at festivals and outdoor events.

The summer vibe and the smell of marinated smoky cooked meats on the barbeque definitely attract a crowd.

So if you are thinking of starting a mobile catering business and are looking for BBQ food truck name ideas then look no further.

Read on for a few quick tips on what makes a good food truck name and 201 professional-sounding BBQ food truck names.

What is a good name for a food truck?

Before diving straight into BBQ food truck name ideas it’s worth taking a look at what makes a good name for a food truck.

There are a few simple rules you can follow when deciding on a name that will help your business stand out and make your company memorable.

Be clear

A good technique for a good name is to include what type of food you sell, or your niche within your name.

So, for example, “Bennys BBQ Truck” shouldn’t leave too many people in doubt about what sort of food you actually sell.

An ambiguous name like “World Eats”, doesn’t really say a lot about the food you specialize in.

Remember you will be trading amongst other food businesses and customers will be looking at you from a distance amongst the other food truck names.

So you want to get people’s attention from the word go.

Keep it short and catchy

You want a food truck name that is catchy and rolls off the tongue and doesn’t contain too many unnecessary words.

If you can convey what you do as a business with one or two words that is great.

Any more than three words can lead to mispronunciation or people just forgetting your food truck name completely.

Name + Food + Co.

There is a very good technique for coming up with a good food truck name, which involves a name or place, the food being sold and the word Co. at the end.

So, for example, Boston (place) BBQ (type of food) Co. tells customers the place of origin of the company, the type of food being sold, and the word Co.

The word “Co.” is there as it makes your operation sound more professional and can instill confidence.

Make sure the name is available

One of the worse things you can do is build a successful business where your name is recognized only to find out the business name has already been taken.

I’ve written a more in-depth article below (how to name your food truck) where you can check to see if the company name is trademarked or patented in the UK and US.

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BBQ Food Truck Name Ideas

201 BBQ Food Truck Name Ideas

The Meat Wagon

The BBQ Truck

Sweet Meats BBQ

BBQ Truckr

Boston BBQ Truck

Grilled Meats Co.

Mobile BBQ Co.

Gorilla BBQ

Mexican BBQ

Brazillian BBQ

American BBQ Co.

Spitfire Grill

Grill On Wheels

The Mobile Grill

Oink Oink BBQ

Rolling Ribs

Ribs To Roll

Rolling Smokey

Southern Grill Co.

Pork Torque

Smokies BBQ

Smokey & The BBQ

Moo Mobile

Smoke Wagon

Grilled Meats Co.

Swine For The Taking

Grilled Food Co.

BBQ Food Co.

Sticky Fingers

Southern Brother BBQ

Southern Sisters BBQ

The Porta Grill

Wheely Good BBQ

Hotbox BBQ

Cubed BBQ Co.

The BBQ Bus

Tex-Mex BBQ

The Rollin BBQ

Bullseye BBQ

Full Metal BBQ

Full Metal Grill

Urban Grill

Urban BBQ

BBQ Shack

Nomad BBQ Co.

Nomadic Grill

Jumping Jack’s BBQ

The BBQ Bus

New Yorker Grill

Texan Grill

Loaded BBQ Co.

BBQ Bros

Bite-Sized BBQ

52nd State BBQ

Sunshine BBQ

Highlands BBQ Co.

Holy Smoke BBQ

Big Daddies BBQ

Daddies Smokehouse

Hotbox Smokehouse

Smoked Eats BBQ

Gourmet Grill

Gourmet BBQ Co.

Go Eat BBQ

Go Eat Grill

The Good Grillaz

Good Eats Grill


The Grill Father

Smokeland BBQ Co.

Happy Grillmore

Hungry Grill

Rustic Meats Co.

Wild Rustic BBQ

Great British BBQ

Mad Grill BBQ

Smokestack BBQ

Real BBQ Co.

Home-Fired Grill

Rib-eye BBQ Co.

The Sizzled grill

Cletus BBQ Co.

Breaking Bad BBQ’s

Sauced Up Grill

Hog Grillers

Spit-Roast Truck Co.

Hog Heist BBQ


Medium Rare BBQ

Mobile Meat Market

Up In Smoke

T-Bone Trucker

Chubbies BBQ

The Whole Hog

Fired Pit BBQ

Fired Grill

The Smoke Hut

Meat Eatery

Mobile Meat Eatery


Sizzle & Co.

Sizzle On Wheels

Mad Max BBQ

Joint Venture

Bullhorn BBQ

Buckshot BBQ

Deep Pit Barbeque

Flavours Grill & barbeque

Slow-Cooked Barbeque

Woodhouse Grill Co.

Frontier Barbeque

Wild Barbeque Co.

The Pit Stop

Pit Boss BBQ

Old Southern Barbeque

Outlaws BBQ

Pig Floyd

Route 99 Grill

Notorious P.I.G

Racks Barbeque

Ember Barbeque Co.

Chargilled Meats Co.

Jacked BBQ Co.

Dixie Dogs BBQ

Mac Daddies Grill

Bonzai BBQ Co.

Four-wheel Grill

Up In Smoke

Sweet Home Alabama

Hickory Grill Co.

The Brisket Bus

All Fired-Up

Buffalo BBQ Co.

Rump & Co

The Cowshed

Dry Rub BBQ

Texan Hospitality

Grillhouse Central


Fuelled BBQ Co.

Caribbean BBQ

Jerk Shack BBQ

BBQ Express

Pit Boys BBQ

Roadhouse BBQ

Roadside BBQ

Steak Nation

Steak Nation Grill

T-Rex Grill Co.

Old Hickory Barbecue

Triple Piston BBQ

Stonehouse BBQ

City Grill

Texan Joes BBQ Co.

Square Meal Barbeque

Old Town BBQ

Fire In The Loins

TJ’s Smokehouse


Benny’s BBQ

Backyard BBQ

Bun Run BBQ

Meat & Wheat BBQ

Tin Can BBQ

Beyond Meat BBQ (Vegan Food Truck)

The BBQ Buggy

Border Grill

Border Check Grill

West Coast Grill

East Coast Grill

The Grill Mobile

Slider Grill Co.

Hungry Horse Grill

Korean BBQ Co.

Japanese BBQ Co.

Lumberjack Grill

Pop-up BBQ

Mobile Grill Co.

Sin City BBQ

Snack Shack Grill

Stray Dog BBQ

Big Dog BBQ

Big Dog Grill

Big Bobs Barbeque

BBQ Truck Nation

The Pigsty

Beer BBQ Co.

Beer ‘N’ Bones BBQ

Fat Willies BBQ

Ring Of Fire Grill

Scorched BBQ Co.

6-Pack BBQ

Glazed & Smoked

Holy Smokers Co.

Seasoned Meat Co.

Flame Thrower BBQ

Bristol BBQ Co.

Burnt Out BBQ

Four Horsemen BBQ

Hog Roast & Co.

Three Brothers BBQ Co.

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Final Thoughts

So there you have it 201 BBQ food truck name ideas.

This is quite an extensive list so even if you don’t use any of the names, then it should give you some great ideas and put you on the right track to starting a barbeque food truck business.

If you have any ideas that you think should be on the list then leave a comment below and I will add them to the article.


  • Gavin D

    Gavin D is the founder of Street Food Central and Tru Foo Juice Bar Co. and has worked in the mobile catering industry for over 7 years.