15 BBQ Food Truck Menu Ideas

Check out some of the most popular BBQ food truck menu ideas to get customers lining up

There’s nothing like a good BBQ when summer has arrived and the sun is shining. The smell of sizzling cooked meats on the grill teasing the taste buds.

BBQ food trucks are also very popular in the events industry at festivals, street food markets and other outdoor events.

So if you’ve landed on this article and are thinking about starting a bbq food truck and looking for ideas then you have come to the right place.

Below are 15 BBQ food truck menu ideas to get you started -from jerk chicken and Morrocan lamb to vegan and vegetarian-friendly spiced tofu and tikka paneer skewers.

1. BBQ Brisket

BBQ Food Truck Menu Ideas - Beef brisket

Beef brisket is one of the most popular types of BBQ food truck foods and for very good reason.

Not only is it a relatively cheap cut of meat, but when marinated in rich BBQ sauce and seared over a hot grill, beef brisket is very tasty.

Note, however, once grilled you will have to put the brisket into an oven to slow cook, which might affect turnaround and serving time.

2. Buttered Corn on the cob

BBQ Food Truck Menu Ideas - corn on the cob
Grill Corn Grilling Food Corn On The Cob Barbecue

Corn on the corn is a very cost-effective and tasty BBQ food truck menu idea and is good as a main course or as a food truck side item.

When grilled, it goes particularly well with butter, pepper, and grated cheese.

3. BBQ chill chicken wings

BBQ Food Truck Menu Ideas - chicken wings

Chicken wings are a great little BBQ finger stack, relatively cheap, and very versatile.

They are great marinated in a sweet chilli sauce and topped with sesame seeds.

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4. Gourmet burgers

BBQ Food Truck Menu Ideas - burgers

Most people associate BBQs with burgers and it’s no surprise that burger food trucks are amongst the most popular types of food truck foods out there.

The market has shifted slightly over the last decade or so towards a more gourmet affair as people have come to expect high-quality produce.

So if you are thinking of starting a BBQ food truck serving burgers go for the gourmet market.

5. Shish kebabs

BBQ Food Truck Menu Ideas - shish kebabs

An old Turkish favorite and a dish most people are familiar with.

Shish kebabs combine tender lean meats lamb, beef, or chicken with a range of vegetables such as peppers and mushrooms.

6. Satay tofu skewers

BBQ Food Truck Menu Ideas - tofu skewers
Source: Chieh Min Ho 

Barbeques don’t have to be just for the meat-eaters and this food truck menu idea is a good example of why.

Tofu is very versatile and goes well marinated in a spicy peanut satay sauce and tossed over the grill.

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7. Jerk Chicken

BBQ Food Truck Menu Ideas - jerk chicken

Jamaican jerk chicken is well well-known and much-loved BBQ food in the Caribbean and the wider community for a very good reason.

You know summer has arrived when you see the chargrilled smoke of jerk chicken being barbequed over a barrel grill.

8. Curry goat kebabs

Another Caribbean favorite and has a bit of a modern twist.

Curry goat is usually made and served as a one-pot dish with sides such as rice and peas.

However, when using lean goat this dish can be marinated the same as you would if it was going in the pot, but instead cooked over the BBQ on skewers.

The goat goes well with roti and slaw.

9. Honey-glazed BBQ King Prawns

BBQ Food Truck Menu Ideas - king prawns

You don’t see as many BBQ food trucks serving up seafood in my experience, which could be a good thing (more opportunity).

It’s also a healthy type of food to grill on a BBQ as seafood contains less saturated fats than red meat.

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10. Garlic & Thyme BBQ Seabass

BBQ Food Truck Menu Ideas - bbq sea bass

Grilled sea bass is another healthy and tasty BBQ food truck menu idea.

And as it’s the type of food a lot of food trucks don’t sell then it could be a good idea to add this one to the menu.

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11. BBQ Pork ribs

BBQ Food Truck Menu Ideas - BBQ pork ribs
Source: MaxPixel’s

BBQ pork ribs is another BBQ food truck favourite.

When marinated in rich BBQ sauce and cooked right the meat just falls off the bone.

12. BBQ Lamb joint

BBQ Food Truck Menu Ideas - BBQ lamb ribs

Just looking at this image of the BBQ lamb joint has tapped into my tastebuds and got me salivating.

This is one of my favourite BBQ food truck foods. However, despite being a very tasty type of food can be a little pricy to source as a menu item.

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13. BBQ Paneer tikka skewers

BBQ Food Truck Menu Ideas - Paneer skewers

This is another great BBQ food truck menu idea for vegans and vegetarians who don’t want to be left out of a good BBQ.

Tikka paneer skewers are a very tasty and unique twist on an old Indian classic. Something that will no doubt attract customers’ attention.

14. Morrocan lamb skewers

BBQ Food Truck Menu Ideas - Kofta lamb skewers

I don’t see too many Morrocan food trucks in my home country of the UK, which for anyone living here or in a similar place could be a good opportunity.

Morrocan lamb skewers a pretty easy to produce and very tasty and go well with a range of sides, such as couscous or flatbreads.

15. Gourmet chilli hotdogs

BBQ Food Truck Menu Ideas - BBQ hot dogs

I’ve not saved the best for last but hotdogs are a firm favorite when it comes to BBQs.

There is not much to say about this food truck menu idea other than what I said about burgers in that people have come to expect good quality food.

So again if you are thinking about selling this type of food go for a gourmet supplier

Final thoughts

So there you have it, 15 tasty BBQ food truck menu ideas.

If you want to cater to a wide range of customers and the growing vegan/vegetarian market I would suggest going for a menu that includes both meat and non-meat options.

A Caribbean BBQ food truck that serves both curried goat skewers and jerk tofu would definitely pique my interest.

Bon appetite!


  • Gavin D

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