5 Best Commercial BBQ Grills (2024)

Check out some of the best commercial-grade gas & charcoal BBQs that you will need to cater for large outdoor events

Best Commercial BBQ Grills (2020)

Choosing the right type of commercial BBQ grill is one of the most important tasks for anyone looking to cater to large outdoor events.

It has to have a large enough cooking area to keep up with the demand from all those hungry people and it needs to be mobile so it can be transported from A to B.

And if you are unfamiliar with commercial BBQs it is also worth knowing about the two main types of grills and the drawbacks that come with each of them.

So to help you choose the right commercial BBQ grills for your needs I have put together 5 of the best commercial-grade BBQs for 2023.

Buyers Guide

There are two main types of BBQs, gas, and charcoal, and it is worth considering the positives and negatives of each one before making a purchase.

LPG BBQ grills


  • Greater temperature control
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to ignite


  • Generally more expensive than charcoal
  • Less of an authentic BBQ flavor
  • Gas models can be harder to store
  • Need additional gas canisters

Charcoal BBQ grills


  • Produces a chargrilled flavor
  • Generally, cheaper than gas
  • Reaches higher temperatures
  • Doesn’t need additional gas canisters


  • Harder to clean when using coal
  • No temperature control
  • Takes longer to reach cooking temp.
  • Produces more smoke

1. Dancook 7500 – Large Barbecue Box Grill

Best Commercial BBQ Grills (2020)

Brand: Dancook

Power Source: Charcoal

Cooking dimensions: 62cm x 25cm

Weight: 12.3 kg


  • 4 heat control levels
  • 2 large wheels
  • 2 side tables
  • Box design
  • Extra-thick 6mm chrome-plated grid


  • Lightweight and mobile
  • Has wheels for transportation
  • Side tables for storage
  • Box design helps with wind resistance
  • Higher maximum temp. than gas
  • No need for an additional gas canister


  • Relatively small surface space
  • No under-counter storage
  • Takes longer to reach cooking temperature than gas
  • Less control over temperature.

This commercial charcoal grill is good for anyone on a budget but still needs a commercial model.

At 12.3kg it is very lightweight and on wheels making it easy to transport between locations.

Its box design helps to keep the temperature at a maintained level, especially in windy conditions.

It also has two handy side tables for putting sauces and condiments on.

However, as this commercial BBQ grill is on the lower end of the budget it has a relatively small cooking space, which may be an issue for larger events over a few hundred people.

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2. Buffalo Charcoal Barbecue

Best Commercial BBQ Grills (2020)

Brand: Buffalo

Power source: Charcoal

Cooking dimensions: 2x 42 x 28 cm

Weight: 16.5 kg


  • 2 x independent cooking zones
  • Stainless steel body & legs


  • lightweight design
  • Has two separate grilling areas
  • Large cooking area
  • Higher maximum temp. than gas
  • No need for an additional gas canister


  • No wheels for transportation
  • Takes longer to reach cooking temperature than gas
  • Less control over temperature.

The Buffalo charcoal barbeque offers around a quarter more cooking space than the previous model making it more suitable for serving larger crowds.

It’s relatively lightweight, considering the increase in cooking space, and has two separate cooking grills. This is a good feature to keep meat and vegetables separate.

However, the one major downside with this charcoal model is that it doesn’t have wheels for easy transportation.

It also doesn’t have carry handles which means it needs to cool down before being safely moved.

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3. Buffalo Folding Propane Gas Barbecue

 commercial grade outdoor gas grills

Brand: Buffalo

Weight: 28.5kg

Power source: LPG (liquid propane gas)

Cooking dimensions: 87 x 29 cm


  • Temperature control
  • Push-button ignition
  • 2 x wheels
  • Foldable


  • Has a large cooking area
  • On wheels for greater mobility
  • Greater control of cooking temperature
  • Is foldable


  • Heavier than previous models
  • Requires additional gas canisters
  • No under-counter storage

The Buffalo commercial gas grill is a good mid-range model with handy practical features.

It has wheels for greater mobility and a temperate control feature (a feature lacking charcoal models) so you can grill meat and vegetables according to your own taste.

It is also foldable, which you don’t see with many gas BBQs, making it very easy to store.

The only real negative I can say about this product is that it has no under-counter storage and it’s nearly twice the weight of the previous models.

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4. Buffalo 6 Burner Combi BBQ Grill and Griddle

commercial grade outdoor gas grills

Brand: Buffalo

Power source: Gas

Cooking dimensions: Grill: 52 x 46 cm Griddle: 53 x 46 cm

Weight: 55kg


  • Control panel
  • Foldable side shelves
  • Under counter shelving
  • Lockable castors
  • Porcelain-enameled cooking grill
  • Steel plate cooking griddle


  • locking castor wheels
  • Undercounter & side storage
  • Grill & griddle combo
  • Large cooking space
  • Can control the temperature of the cooking


  • Relatively heavy
  • Bulkier and more difficult store
  • Requires additional gas canisters

The Buffalo 6 burner combi BBQ and grill is a serious bit of commercial-grade BBQ equipment.

Its main feature is that it has two separate grill and griddle sections.

This is good for cooking things like burgers and hotdogs on the grill and eggs or grilled cheese sandwiches on the griddle.

This model also has quite a generous amount of side and under-counter storage for condiments and stock and locking caster wheels for mobility and safety.

However, the Buffalo Combi BBQ grill is on the heavy side at 55kg and is bulkier which may be an issue if storage is limited.

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5. Crown Verity Traditional Charcoal Barbecue

commercial charcoal grill

Brand: Crown Verity

Power source: Charcoal

Cooking dimensions: 152 x 61 cm

Weight: 57.6kg


  • Adjustable griddle
  • Mounted on castors
  • Removable pans to catch drips
  • Heavy-duty steel enamel


  • Very large cooking area
  • Has castor wheels for safety & mobility
  • Higher maximum temperatures
  • No need for an additional gas canister


  • Relatively heavy
  • Takes longer to reach cooking temperature than gas
  • Less control over temperature.

Last but not least is the Crown Verity charcoal BBQ grill which offers the largest surface space at 152 x 61 cm on the list making it great for large events.

Like the previous Buffalo model, it has castor wheels for greater mobility and safety and has removable drip pans to catch any fats thus minimizing flare-ups.

It also has really useful quick-release legs which make for easy storage despite its larger size.

However, this model doesn’t offer any additional side or under-counter storage and doesn’t have temperature control.

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Key takeaways

All of the commercial gas and charcoal BBQs on the list are suitable for catering to large events but they both have their advantages and disadvantages.

Gas BBQ grills don’t offer that authentic smoky chargrilled taste and can be more expensive but you do get greater control of cooking temperatures.

Commercial charcoal BBQs, on the other hand, do offer that chargrilled meat taste and are a cheaper option.

However, they don’t offer temperature control and take longer to reach cooking temperature.

I personally like charcoal BBQ grills better as the smoke adds to the taste of the meat and adds to the overall atmosphere of having an outdoor BBQ.

They are also cheaper, require less equipment to run (no gas canister), and are generally easier to store, which is good if you are moving around between different events.


  • Gavin D

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