Drama surrounds Atlanta food truck after Keith Lee visit

Dallas, Texas – Social media personality Keith Lee, known for his food reviews on TikTok, has sparked controversy following a visit to the “Sweetly Seasoned” food truck in North Dallas. While Lee’s reviews often aim to support small businesses, his recent experience has ignited a public debate regarding a generous tip and its alleged mishandling.

Lee, a retired mixed martial artist, visited the food truck at the owner’s son’s request. While offering generally positive feedback on the food, he suggested improvements in marketing and staffing. Notably, at the video’s conclusion, Lee engaged in prayer with the owner, Kim Viverette, and proceeded to authorize a $4,000 charge on his card.

His instructions specified distributing the sum as follows: $1,000 each to a nearby barber and a woman braiding hair, with the remaining $2,000 going to Viverette herself. Additionally, Lee reportedly paid for $300 worth of food for customers waiting in line behind him.

However, allegations surfaced online claiming Viverette retained all the funds and did not fulfill Lee’s intended distribution. In response, Viverette’s son, Trey, released a counter-narrative via video. Trey stated that the barber initially declined Lee’s offer of free haircuts due to logistical constraints, although he did intend to keep the $1,000.

Trey clarified that Lee’s offer involved enabling the barber to cut “everybody’s hair for free,” not necessarily the specific barber originally mentioned. Trey proposed locating another barber who could readily accept the offer and provide immediate service.

As of today, Keith Lee has remained silent on the controversy, leaving his followers and the wider online community eagerly awaiting his perspective on the ongoing situation.