Video Of Incredible Transforming Chinese Food Truck Goes Viral

Forget food trucks, the future of mobile food is now in restaurant trucks! This video shown in mainland, rural China displays an incredibly strange, yet impressive feat of engineering.

With the push of a button, the food truck owner is able to turn what looks to be a standard van, into a complete restaurant setup. The van folds outwards and is no longer just a food truck, but has legitimate seating areas, as well as a front door for customers.

This led to many commenters comparing the Chinese food truck to a transformer, which although doesn’t transform quite as fast, does make a seamless transition between vehicle to restaurant.

In the original cartoon series, transformations could happen almost instantaneously, often within a couple of seconds, as it was a stylistic choice to make the action fast and dynamic. In the Michael Bay film series, transformations are more detailed and intricate, often taking several seconds to complete to showcase the complexity and realism of the CGI animation.

This real-life Chinese restaurant transformer however takes several minutes to set up.


Paul Kish