UCLA cuts food truck opening hours

Los Angeles, CA – The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) has recently reduced the operating hours of food trucks on campus. This adjustment not only affects the availability of lunch trucks but also shortens the dinner hours by half an hour. Moreover, the Rieber trucks will no longer be present on campus after the forthcoming week.

The UCLA dining team has stated that this decision is a response to the improvement in staffing levels and the underutilization of dining halls. However, the wait times observed at takeout locations seem to suggest otherwise. Nonetheless, this is the explanation provided by the dining team.

Additionally, it is important to note that food truck vendors independently select their operating hours based on their availability and willingness to serve on campus. Based on this, recent changes in the presence of particular food trucks may be related to the vendor’s own decisions, as well as UCLA’s policies.

Historically, UCLA campus has enjoyed a friendly relationship with local food trucks. Some of the current trucks include Rieber Turnaround Food Trucks, which features StopBye Café, Sproul Turnaround Food Trucks with Perro 1-10 Tacos and Yuna’s Bob, and Spice Kitchen at Feast, among others. However, their future on the site may now be up in the air. Understandably, UCLA students may be saddened by this recent development as it will lead to less food options on campus.