The Cost Of Street Food In Italy

Italy, a country famous for its food of excellent quality, offers an array of street food. This article explores the diverse and mouth-watering street food available in Italy, highlighting their flavors, history, and costs.

  1. Pizza:
    • Regular pizzas typically cost between €5 and €10. For instance, a Margherita pizza ranges from €5 to €8.50 on average, with variations depending on the city and establishment.
    • More specialized pizzas, such as those with gourmet toppings like the “Carmela” with slow food ingredients, can cost around €10.
    • Pizza portafoglio, a smaller hand-held version, ranges from €2 to €4. Fried pizzas, another street food variant, are priced from €3.50 to €4.
    • At Alice Pizza in Rome, known for pizza al taglio (pizza by the slice), you can ask for a specific amount, like “€2 of Margherita pizza.”
  2. Other Foods:
    • Items like Panini, Arancini, and Suppli generally cost between €3 and €9.
    • More elaborate items like Cannoli and Porchetta might be priced from €4.99 to €14.99​​.
    • Lampredotto and Calzone may cost around €6 to €13​​.
    • Certain specialty items like Arrosticini can be more expensive, costing €10 to €20.
  3. Gelato:
    • The price for gelato generally ranges from €2 to €3 for the smallest size and €6 to €8 for the largest.
  4. Coffee:
    • In Rome, a typical coffee at a bar costs around €2, a cappuccino is approximately €1.20, and pastries are usually between €1 and €2. Therefore, an average breakfast (coffee and pastry) at a bar would be around €3. However, this can increase to €5-€10 if you choose to sit down and get served, especially in more central locations.