Japanese Street Food: A Guide to Prices in USD

Japan offers a street food scene that’s as vibrant as its culture. Put bluntly, Japanese streets are a paradise for food lovers. This guide takes you through a journey of these culinary delights, presenting an array of street food prices in USD for easy reference.

Breakfast Options There’s nothing like starting your day with the flavors of Japan, and what’s more convenient than grabbing a quick bite from the nearest convenience store? These stores offer a range of breakfast options, catering to every palate.

  • Convenience Store Meals A quick, budget-friendly choice for the early riser. You can find a variety of meals ranging from $3 to $4.50, offering a taste of authentic Japanese cuisine without the hefty price tag.
  • Coffee For those who can’t start their day without a caffeine kick, coffee prices are typically budget-friendly, ensuring you get your morning dose of energy without stretching your wallet.
Gabriel Forsberg // Unsplash

Lunch and Dinner As the day progresses, Japan offers everything from traditional dishes to modern fast-food options.

  • Ramen A staple of Japanese cuisine, a bowl of ramen can range from $5 to $9. Whether it’s the rich and savory Miso Ramen ($3.70 to $6.50), the creamy Tonkotsu Ramen ($4.50 to $7.50), or the unique flavors of Sapporo-style Ramen ($5 to $9), there’s a bowl for every taste.
  • Izakaya Dishes and Drinks Experience the casual dining of Izakayas, where each item costs between $2.25 and $4.50. It’s the perfect spot for an evening of relaxation and good food.
  • Japanese Fast Food Quick, delicious, and affordable, Japanese fast food includes favorites like gyudon and teishoku, costing between $3 to $7.50.
  • Western-style Fast-Food Chains For those craving a taste of home, familiar fast-food chains offer meals for around $5.50.
  • Conveyor Belt Sushi Experience sushi in a fun and affordable way with prices ranging from $7.40 to $18.50 per person. Street sushi is also available and costs considerably less (under $10).

Comparison to Restaurants

  • Mid-Range Sushi Restaurants Offering a slightly more upscale dining experience, these restaurants serve sushi at prices ranging from $14.80 to $37.00 per person.
  • High-End Sushi Bars For a truly immersive culinary experience, high-end sushi bars are the places to go, with prices ranging from $37.00 to $74.00 per person.


Paul Kish