Empanada Shack Food Truck Found Totalled In LaGrange GA

Earlier this week, the Empanada food shack from South Carolina was stolen. This left many people asking “Who on Earth steals a food truck?” and sadly, we still don’t know who it was. Stealing a food truck is a reasonably dumb idea after all, aside from the equipment inside, the shell and parts of the food truck do not have much value as it can’t be sold since it is uniquely branded.

Grainy footage was shared to the company’s Instagram account which shows a white pickup truck circling a gas station at 1:40AM. However, after this footage was released, it was radio silence for a long while.

Unfortunately, the truck has since been found, completely totaled, some 300 miles away in LaGrange, Georgia.

This left many local residents and fans of the food truck even more annoyed since the whole event was completely brain-dead. The fact that the truck was left with irreparable damage shows the thoughtlessness of the person who committed this crime.


Paul Kish