New Food Truck Opens Just North Of Huntsville Alabama

A new Thai-themed food truck named Twisted Thai has opened in Madison, Alabama. For any locals wondering, the food truck is located at the Madison Mercantile and is open between 11-2, as well as 4-7 on Tuesday through Saturday. It should be noted that the truck is not likely to move to other locations since it is a static container, rather than a refurbished vehicle.

As you would expect, the truck serves a whole load of traditional Thai food such as Pad Thai, Chicken Satay, Spring rolls, Cashew Chicken, Sticky Mango Rice, as well as some traditional Thai drinks that you may not have tried before.

While there are many other Asian food trucks in the city, there are not any Thai food trucks in the local area other than taking a drive into the Huntsville metropolitan area. The Twisted Thai Food Truck can be followed on Instagram here.


Paul Kish