New Gluten Free Food Truck Opens In Savannah, Georgia

A new food truck, cleverly named “Oh Crepe!” has just opened this week in Savannah, Georgia. Currently, at 341 Commercial Drive, it’s not yet known if the truck intends to open at other spots within the city.

What is perhaps most interesting about the food truck is that it serves both sandwiches and crepes in both traditional and gluten-free formats. For anyone with celiac disease or a general gluten intolerance, they will know how difficult it is to find something like this as most restaurants or food trucks simply do not have anything like this on their radar. So to come across a truck that serves this dietary requirement at no extra cost is awesome.

The menu is reasonably priced with sandwiches costing no more than $15, with sweet crepes costing only $10 or $11. The drinks served are also extremely reasonable, with iced tea only costing $2, whereas freshly squeezed lemonade is available for $3.

Overall, this is a great concept and as the truck offers gluten-free options for no extra charge, this truck will likely have a very promising and prosperous future in Savannah.

You can follow the Oh Crepe food truck on Facebook here.


Paul Kish