The Cost Of Street Food Meals In Indonesia

The archipelago nation of Indonesia offers an array of street foods that are extremely affordable as they are delicious. The Indonesian street food scene is a melting pot of spicy flavors and influences.

Martabak: Available in sweet and savory versions, this stuffed pancake or fried bread ranges from sweet chocolate and peanut fillings to savory meat and egg combinations​​. On average, this snack costs a little under 2 dollars.

Bakso: A popular meatball soup, often served with noodles, is a comforting lunch option​​. This costs in the region of $1 – $1.50.

Siomay: Indonesian dumplings made of fish or meat, often served with peanut or chili sauce​​. These also cost around $1.

Ikan Bakar: Grilled fish, often cooked with a banana leaf over charcoal, is a staple dinner item on many Indonesian streets​​. As fish costs a little more, this is still exceptionally cheap at around $3.50.

Gudeg: A traditional Javanese stew made of jackfruit, often served with meat and hard-boiled eggs, providing a satisfying aroma and taste​​.

Both of these desserts cost around $1.50.