Korean Fried Chicken restaurant to open in Stovehouse

HUNTSVILLE, AL – A new Korean fried chicken restaurant is set to open in Huntsville. Recently, an account named Seoul Good Chicken claimed to be ‘coming soon’ and is to open later on in the year in Stovehouse. Since Stovehouse opened back in 2019, it has welcomed various eateries and has proved to be a popular area with the locals. Located at 3414 Governors Drive, it was once a stove manufacturing facility that has been transformed into a lively hub for local businesses, restaurants, and entertainment venues.

Currently, Huntsville is home to the likes of Stone Age Korean BBQ, I Love Korea, and Garam. However, these restaurants are more traditional, whereas Korean Fried Chicken typically tends to be a fast-casual affair. However, there is competition with Gangnam Korea which has been serving Korean Fried Chicken in the city since 2021.

As of now, there is no set time for Seoul Good’s official opening date. However, it is speculated that it may replace the spot vacated by Parm & Pepper which has been vacant for several months now. Interestingly, Huntsville is still waiting on Korea BBQ and Revolving Sushi which have still yet to open despite years of speculation. With this being said, hopefully Seoul Good Chicken does not follow this trend of Asian restaurants in the area.

Recently, Korean Fried Chicken has been gaining significant traction in the United States, thanks to a confluence of factors. One of the key drivers of this trend has been the power of social media, where platforms like Instagram and TikTok have played a crucial role in bringing this delectable dish to the forefront of public attention.