Kim Jong Grillin Food Cart moves to new location after 10 years

Portland, OR – It appears that Kim Jong Grillin, a popular eatery, has made the decision to relocate its operations to a new location. The owner and chef, Hwang Han Ly, has chosen to move the cart to a pod situated in downtown Portland, specifically at the Cart Blocks Pod, located at 770 W Burnside.

In recent developments, Hwang has disclosed his plans to expand the business by opening a brick-and-mortar establishment at the Happy Valley Town Center and a restaurant in Southeast Portland. This strategic move not only includes the relocation of the food cart but also encompasses a broader vision for growth.

The new location, Cart Blocks Pod, boasts a distinctive feature in the form of Rachel and Rose, a vibrant double-decker bus that serves as a hub for beverages, including coffee, wine, and beer. The food cart scene at Cart Blocks has seen a recent influx of new additions, such as Choi Choi’s, which offers a taste of Hawaii, and Covo Fuoco, which serves up wood-fired pizzas, adding to the already diverse lineup of options like Villa Angel Taquería. Kim Jong Grillin’s relocation to this dynamic setting promises to add another flavorful layer to the culinary offerings of the Cart Blocks Pod.

Originally based in Southeast Division for over 10 years, Kim Jong Grillin is known for its mouthwatering Korean dishes and quirky name, the cart has become a local favorite, serving up delicious Korean-style meats, sides, and sauces.

The cart’s signature dish is the Bulgogi Bibim Box, a savory and filling meal that features marinated beef, crispy potatoes, kimchi, and a fried egg, all served over steamed rice. Other popular items include the Kimchi Fried Rice and the Spicy Pork Tacos.