Portland Mercado Food Trucks re-open after fire

Portland, OR – Following a three-week closure due to a fire in the main market hall, the beloved outdoor food carts of Portland Mercado have reopened for business as of 11 AM today. Initially, service will be limited to takeout and delivery, but the news brings welcome relief to the Foster-Powell community and beyond.

The fire, which ripped through the market hall on January 3rd, fortunately, did not inflict direct damage on the food cart pod situated at a distance. However, the incident resulted in a complete power and water outage across the entire Mercado lot, forcing the closure of the carts.

Thankfully, the nonprofit organization Hacienda Community Development Corp, which operates the Mercado, announced the successful restoration of utilities and the resumption of food service at some carts beginning last Thursday night.

In response to the fire’s devastating impact on small businesses, Hacienda CDC established the Portland Mercado Fire Relief Fund. Fundraising efforts will conclude on January 30th, with the proceeds distributed shortly thereafter. The organization plans to continue exploring future avenues for supporting the rebuilding process.

Additionally, a separate GoFundMe campaign dedicated to Chris Shimamoto, owner of the beloved beer-and-wine shop Barrio, has garnered over $80,000 in donations. Barrio sustained significant damage in the fire, rendering its future uncertain. The GoFundMe campaign aims to “help Chris get back on his feet and move forward” during this challenging time.

The reopening of the food carts, albeit with temporary limitations, signifies a positive step towards recovery for the Portland Mercado community. The ongoing fundraising efforts demonstrate the strong spirit of solidarity within the community and its commitment to supporting its affected members.

While Barrio’s future remains undetermined, the outpouring of support through the dedicated GoFundMe campaign serves as a testament to the establishment’s impact on the community and its importance within the Mercado landscape.

As the rebuilding process unfolds, the resilience and collaborative spirit of the Portland Mercado community provide a hopeful outlook for its future.