Authentic Italian food truck to open in Springfield next week

Springfield, MO – Since its inception, Italian Kitchen, located at 540 W. McDaniel St., has undergone a significant transformation. However, one element has remained constant: Chef Alessandro De Luca’s unwavering dedication to introducing Springfield to genuine Italian cuisine.

The establishment initially focused on takeout, catering, and private events. However, it has since grown to include educational courses and weekly dinners that celebrate both Italian cuisine and culture. The launch of a food truck, Bedda Matri, scheduled for April 1st, further expands their offerings.

It is important to note that Italian Kitchen is not a traditional walk-in restaurant. Patrons cannot simply arrive for lunch or dinner. Registration is required in advance for both classes and Friday evening meals. Chef De Luca collaborates with Sous-Chef Jennifer Morris to manage Italian Kitchen.


De Luca, a native of Turin, Italy, draws inspiration for his endeavors from his life experiences. Much of his family resides in Sicily, where he spent vacations and holidays, fostering a deep appreciation for the area’s distinctive street food scene. Bedda Matri, the forthcoming food truck, serves as a homage to this influence.

The truck’s menu will feature arancini (fried rice balls), cipollina (puff pastry filled with onions, tomato sauce, ham, and provolone), and mozzarella in carrozza (a deep-fried mozzarella cheese sandwich). Chef De Luca expresses confidence that these offerings will resonate with Springfield residents.

Another method Chef De Luca employs to make authentic Italian cuisine approachable is by instructing patrons in the preparation of beloved dishes such as gnocchi and pasta, as well as introducing them to new creations like salatini and the occasional tiramisu. These fully interactive courses take place Monday through Thursday. The format entails a demonstration of the recipe by De Luca or Morris, followed by a communal meal and a hands-on cooking session guided by the chef.