best food truck ideas for weddings

27 Best Food Truck Ideas For Weddings 2024

Make your big day stand out with 27 food truck ideas for weddings

Best Food Truck Ideas For Weddings

The mobile catering industry is big and growing and you will now see food trucks not only at food and music festivals or lunchtime markets but also at a wide range of private events.

One such type of event is weddings as people look for something eye-catching to make their big day memorable and help to cut back on catering costs (food trucks per head are typically cheaper than traditional wedding caterers).

So if you are planning a wedding and are looking for some food truck ideas you have come to the right place. Below are 27 food truck ideas perfect for weddings which are broken down into mains, desserts, and drinks, along with some food and drink combinations to help with your big day.


Best Food Truck Ideas For Weddings

  1. Things to consider
  2. Mains
    • Gourmet burgers & hotdogs
    • Gourmet Grilled Cheese
    • Tacos
    • Wood-fired Pizza
    • BBQ food
    • Mediterranean
    • Fried Chicken
    • Sushi
    • Mac and Cheese
  3. Desserts
    • Ice Cream
    • Cupcakes
    • Crepes
    • Doughnuts
    • Gourmet popcorn
  4. Drinks
    • Fresh Lemonade
    • Coffee & Espresso
    • Craft Cocktails
    • Smoothies & juices
    • Bubble Tea
    • Craft beer
    • Gin and Tonic
  5. Food & Drink themes
    • Wine and Cheese
    • Margaritas and Tacos
    • Whisky & BBQ
    • Rum and Caribbean Cuisine
    • Prosecco and sourdough pizza

Things to consider

No wedding is the same which means there will be things you need to consider before booking the right type of food truck(s) for your big day.

The occasion

Will the wedding be less formal and have a layback atmosphere or more of an upmarket feel about it?

If it’s the former then food trucks that serve products like burgers, hotdogs, and fried chicken can be a good option. If on the other hand, you have a more upmarket type of wedding in mind you may want to think about getting specialist wedding caterers that have access to onsite commercial catering facilities.

Easy to eat

If you are going for a food truck wedding then space for sitting and dining may be limited at the venue. In that case, you want to book food trucks that serve grab and good foods so they can be eaten whilst stood up. This can prevent you from getting some nice white shirts messy.


Depending on the time you intend to serve guests food and drinks will influence what type of food truck caterers you will book. For example, if you are serving breakfast you may want a grilled cheese sandwich and crepe food truck along with a coffee and juice and smoothie truck.

And if you are providing lunch and dinner booking a food truck that does main meals like sourdough pizza wraps is a good option.


Gourmet burgers & hotdogs

Best Food Truck Ideas For Weddings - Gourmet burgers & hotdogs

I always start and recommend food truck ideas for an event or wedding with gourmet burgers. They have been a firm favorite and one of the best-seeing food items from food trucks for many years and people love them.

Gourmet Grilled Cheese

Best Food Truck Ideas For Weddings - Gourmet Grilled Cheese

Just like hotdogs and burgers, grilled cheese is a great grab-and-go option for both breakfast and lunch. It is also very versatile where you can have amazing cheeses, sourdough bread, and fillings like bacon, caramelized onion, avocado, and tomato.


Best Food Truck Ideas For Weddings - Tacos

Mexican food trucks are popular across the board, for the unique, flavorsome and spicy food they serve up and because it’s easy to eat on the go type of cuisine.

They are also very versatile with not only traditional filling like beef, chicken, fish, and vegetarian options, as well as a range of toppings like salsa, guacamole, and cheese but also Caribbean and Indian fusions such as tikka masala and jerk chicken tacos.

Wood-fired Pizza

Best Food Truck Ideas For Weddings - Wood-fired Pizza

Another firm favorite and best food truck idea for weddings is wood-fired pizza trucks. They can be eye-catching and give off a lovely smell that attracts your guests. This option allows guests to watch their pizza being made, and it’s always fun to watch the pizza chef toss the dough in the air.

Some firm favorites include unique toppings like prosciutto, figs, and arugula, or classic toppings like pepperoni and mushroom.

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BBQ food

Best Food Truck Ideas For Weddings - BBQ

A BBQ food truck can offer a range of slow-cooked meats like pulled pork, brisket, and ribs, as well as classic BBQ sides like mac and cheese, baked beans, and coleslaw. This option is perfect for a casual and laid-back wedding, and it can create a fun and festive atmosphere.

Some variations to the BBQ may include a Korean, Brazilian, or seafood BBQ.


Best Food Truck Ideas For Weddings - Mediterranean

A Mediterranean food truck can serve a variety of nutritious and tasty cuisine such as gyros, falafel, hummus, and Greek salads.

This option is ideal for a wedding that wants to provide nutritious, vegetarian-friendly cuisine while still catering to meat lovers.

Fried Chicken

Best Food Truck Ideas For Weddings - Fried Chicken

A fried chicken food truck, may not be the first type of cuisine to spring to mind when coming up with food truck ideas for a wedding but it is another popular type of food people love.

This option is ideal for a wedding that wants to provide a more laid-back feel and bring a touch of Southern charm to the occasion.


Best Food Truck Ideas For Weddings - sushi

There are now a number of food trucks that serve a wide range of fish, meat-based, and vegetarian options. This may be a good idea as a tapas or light-bite option throughout the day.

Mac and Cheese

Best Food Truck Ideas For Weddings - Mac and Cheese

A mac and cheese food truck can offer a range of classic and gourmet mac and cheese dishes, perfect for a cozy and comforting wedding. It’s a low-cost option and filling, meaning guests are satisfied.

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Ice Cream

Best Food Truck Ideas For Weddings - ice cream

Wedding food trucks are not all about the main course and it’s also a good idea to offer your guests a range of desserts.

One of the best desert food trucks, especially for a hot summer’s day or warm evening is ice cream. You can offer your guests a range of classic flavors like chocolate and strawberry or more creative options like cookies and cream, as well as a variety of toppings like hot fudge, sprinkles, and whipped cream.


Best Food Truck Ideas For Weddings - cupcakes

A cupcake food truck is a good idea for a wedding as vendors will often personalize them for you, even printing an edible picture of the bride and groom on the cakes. And It’s also a great way to create a fun and colorful atmosphere.


Best Food Truck Ideas For Weddings - crepes

A crepe food truck is good for offering your guest a sweet and savory option for both breakfast and lunch and is a good option for a light menu. They are also very versatile where you can add a wide range of toppings. Think banana, Nutella, and whipped cream.


Best Food Truck Ideas For Weddings - Doughnuts

Who doesn’t like doughnuts huh??

A doughnut food truck is also a firm favorite, with a wide range of mouth-watering flavors and fillings and a good way to personalize your big day on things like the packaging.

Gourmet popcorn

Best Food Truck Ideas For Weddings - Gourmet popcorn

Perhaps it not a food truck idea you thought about for a wedding and is less common than other food truck desserts but a good option nonetheless. Some brides and grooms hire outdoor screens to play movies so this would definitely be a great accompaniment.

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Fresh Lemonade

Best Food Truck Ideas For Weddings -Fresh Squeezed Lemonade

Who puts on a wedding without drinks huh? Lemonade is a classic summer drink perfect for a hot summer’s day and it also comes in a range of other flavors such as strawberry, raspberry, and peach.

Coffee and Espresso

Best Food Truck Ideas For Weddings -Coffee and Espresso

A coffee and espresso food truck is a good pick-me-up to get the day started especially if it was a long evening the night before. And as everyone likes coffee, it can also be served throughout the day.

Craft Cocktails

Best Food Truck Ideas For Weddings - Craft Cocktails

If budget allows a craft cocktail mobile alcohol bar can offer a touch of class and offer a range of creative and unique cocktails that are sure to impress your guests.

Smoothies and Juices

Best Food Truck Ideas For Weddings - Smoothies and Juices

A juice and smoothie truck is a great way to provide your guests with tasty, healthy, and refreshing drinks. Like coffee, it’s good for a nutritious morning pick-me-up and can be served throughout the day.

It’s also a good non-alcoholic alternative where you can create mocktails such as cold-pressed apple, cucumber, ginger, and lime.

Bubble Tea

Best Food Truck Ideas For Weddings - Bubble Tea

Bubble tea is a pretty new concept in the West, which is very popular in Southeast Asian countries and gaining popularity in the US and UK. Having a bubble tea food truck for your wedding might therefore be a great way to make the drink options memorable.

Craft Beer

Best Food Truck Ideas For Weddings - Craft Beer

Craft beers are very popular now as a result of all the independent micro-craft breweries springing up. This has fed into the mobile catering industry with a range of mobile alcohol bars providing service for a range of events including weddings.

Gin and Tonic

Best Food Truck Ideas For Weddings -Gin and Tonic

A mobile alcohol bar that serves gin and tonic is a good another good way to add a touch of class to the big day and create a refined and elegant atmosphere.

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Food & drink themes

You may want to create your own theme and not necessarily a set menu that a food truck might normally serve and instead have combinations of food and drinks. Luckily, food truck operators are pretty flexible and will often make a bespoke menu for clients.

So here are a few food and drink combination ideas that may be good for your wedding:

Wine and Cheese

Wine and cheese always go down well at a wedding and whilst it may be hard to find any actual food truck that serves this type of affair there are a number of stalls that sell artisan cheeses at independent food markets that you can draw upon.

Margaritas and Tacos

This is probably an easier one to create as there are a lot of Mexican/taco food trucks out providing their services for private events. So it may be a good idea to reach out to see if they can also serve Margaritas along with tacos.

It is worth noting that food trucks that serve alcohol will need special permits and depending on what state a wedding is in may differ.

Whiskey and BBQ

Get the drinks flowing and the smoked meats going with a whiskey and BBQ-themed food truck. Think Jack Daniels and barbequed ribs and pulled pork. This combination is perfect for a more relaxed backyard weekend BBQ type of affair.

This is also an easy concept to recreate if you don’t want to hire an actual food truck to provide this for you. You can maybe get the wedding venue to provide the drinks (with the added benefit of them probably having an alcohol license) and get in a caterer to handle the bbq.

Rum and Caribbean Cuisine

Nothing says summer to me more than rum and Caribbean cuisine ( think Jamaican jerk chicken, rice n peas, plantains, and curried goat). This option is perfect for a fun and colorful wedding, and it can create a festive and tropical atmosphere.

Prosecco and sourdough pizza

Like a tacos and margaritas theme, a prosecco and sourdough pizza food truck combination should be easy to create simply because there are a lot of wood-fired pizza food trucks around.

And if a particle pizza food truck doesn’t have an alcohol license to serve alcohol then there are plenty of mobile prosecco bars that serve drinks from vintage trucks like converted horseboxes and VW vans.


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