9 Healthy Food Truck Menu Ideas For 2024

Stand out from the crowd and be successful with these 9 healthy food truck menu ideas

Healthy Food Truck Menu Ideas

The food industry, in general, has been going through a bit of a health revolution over the last decade or so, with consumers more conscious of what they eat.

You can see this in the rise of juice bars, vegan cafes and restaurants, and the wider array of healthy foods sold in supermarkets.

However, I would argue that this trend has been a bit slower to filter through to the food truck scene.

Sure there are healthy food trucks out there but to a lesser extent than say the brick-and-mortar industry.

But this is actually a good thing! it means more opportunities for people wanting to start healthy food trucks.

I’ve therefore put together 9 healthy food truck menu ideas to help budding entrepreneurs on their way.

1. Vegan hot dogs and burgers

9 Healthy Food Truck Menu Ideas For 2020

Let’s start with a very firm favorite in the food truck scene. Burgers and hotdogs!

There are vegan alternatives to pretty much any type of food these days and it’s no different with this type of product.

So swap the red meat for the soya/bean and go vegan. And instead of white rolls and buns, maybe use a wholemeal version instead.

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2. Ethiopian food

9 Healthy Food Truck Menu Ideas For 2020

Certain national cuisines are fundamentally healthy just by the types of ingredients that are used.

Take for example Ethiopian food. There are not a lot of meat-free dishes available made with vegetables, whole grains and legumes. This is a street food that is completely unprocessed, it couldn’t be much more healthy.

It’s also very tasty indeed.

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3. Indian

9 Healthy Food Truck Menu Ideas For 2020

Indian food, like Ethiopian, is another national food that is often fundamentally healthy in how it is made. As a result, cancer and other disease rates are much lower in India than in the rest of the Western world.

There are many dishes that are vegan and have a lot of ingredients high in nutritional value such as vegetables and legumes.

Chickpea and vegetable curries instantly spring to mind.

4. Falafel wraps and salad boxes

9 Healthy Food Truck Menu Ideas For 2020
Authentic Greek Falafel Greek Food Mezes

Falafels are made by blending chickpeas with oil and a range of different spices, which are then fried to create a fluffy on the inside and crispy on the outside ball.

It’s served up in a pitta wrap with an array of vegetables or in a salad box, with a range of different dressings.

This type of food, in particular, is a very popular food with vegans and the health-conscious making it a good choice for anyone looking to start a healthy food truck.

5. Vietnamese Food

9 Healthy Food Truck Menu Ideas For 2020

Vietnamese food is an up-and-coming cuisine when it comes to the food truck and street food industry, especially in the West.

Fresh, very tasty, and low in fat a lot of Vietnamese food is traditionally made with a range of healthy ingredients such as vegetables, bean sprouts, herbs, and spices.

Moreover, Vietnamese food is almost all gluten-free and low in sugar.

This is definitely one to look out for as the demand for Vietnamese food grows.

6. Healthy Mexican

9 Healthy Food Truck Menu Ideas For 2020

Mexican food trucks are very popular these days and for very good reasons. The food is very tasty that’s why!

It’s also a good healthy choice because of the ingredients used in the wraps such as avocado, tomatoes, chillies, and other herbs and spices.

To go a step further and stand out from other Mexican food trucks you can go all vegan, removing the carnitas (shredded beef) and replacing it with pulled BBQ jackfruit or spiced tofu.

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7. Japanese food

9 Healthy Food Truck Menu Ideas For 2020

South-East Asian cooking seems to be much healthier in general than a Western diet.

Japanese food is a particular case in point.

Plenty of fresh fish, leafy greens, salads, herbs, and spices to name but a few of the ingredients used to make dishes such as sushi or Miso soup.

So it’s probably no coincidence that Japanese people have the second-highest life expectancies in the world as of 2020.

A good idea for a healthy food truck wouldn’t you say?

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8. Juice and Smoothies

9 Healthy Food Truck Menu Ideas For 2020

This is a no-brainer really when thinking about healthy food truck menu ideas.

Juice and smoothies are nothing else but fruit and veg, which means this is probably the healthiest type of food truck you can start.

And to stand out from other mobile juice trucks, selling fruit and vegetable baskets alongside juices and smoothies may be a good idea.

Almost like a mobile fruit and veg shop.

9. Smoothie Bowls

9 Healthy Food Truck Menu Ideas For 2020

Smoothie bowls are like healthy bowls of ice cream and are made by blending fruit into a thicker consistency than a smoothie

And what makes smoothie bowls so appealing is you can add a wide variety of toppings to them.

Think nuts, seeds, berries, and coconut flakes.

Final thoughts

If you want to create a healthy food truck menu for your mobile catering business I would suggest sticking with a national cuisine that is naturally healthy by the type of ingredients used.

So to draw from the examples above, think Japanese, Indian, Ethiopian, and Vietnamese.

That way you are not trying to reinvent the wheel, but are serving up tried and tested food that people are familiar with.

This trend toward healthy eating is only going to continue to grow.

So if you have a food truck that is geared towards healthy eating in 2020 and beyond you are sure to do well.


  • Gavin D

    Gavin D is the founder of Street Food Central and Tru Foo Juice Bar Co. and has worked in the mobile catering industry for over 7 years.

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Gavin D is the founder of Street Food Central and Tru Foo Juice Bar Co. and has worked in the mobile catering industry for over 7 years.