This Awesome Food Truck In Denton TX Lets Customers Play Mario Kart

A very smart marketing tactic was displayed in Denton, Texas, where a local food truck. The Munchies food truck is turning heads by offering its customers a unique experience: the opportunity to play Super Mario Kart while waiting for their orders.

The food truck, equipped with a screen, allows patrons to immerse themselves in the nostalgic world of Mario Kart, navigating the challenging courses of Bowser’s Castle. A recent photo captured a woman, controller in hand, skillfully maneuvering her character through the game as her meal is being prepared. Although there’s no word on the quality of the food, the truck clearly shows a flair for combining classic video games with culinary service.

The food truck’s distinctive feature has sparked lively discussions and humor among those who’ve encountered it. For instance, there’s playful speculation that the staff might be more engrossed in gaming battles with customers than in cooking. A comment from an employee of a gaming-themed bar highlighted the fun of playing while waiting for food but raised concerns about the hygiene of the publicly used game controllers. Additionally, there’s curiosity about the gaming setup, with observations suggesting that the Super Mario Kart game is likely being played on a SNES Classic console, considering the use of an HDMI TV and the length of the controller cords.


Paul Kish