Ashford Armament Offers Free Food For Community Range Day In LA

Los Angeles, California, Ashford Armament is an AR15 Compliance Device company out of Los Angeles. After recently launching a new alternative to featureless and fixed-mag setups that allows firearm owners in states with Assault Weapons bans to have a fully featured AR with standard capacity and detachable magazines. They also want to contribute to the shooting communities in the areas they do business in.

The company is hosting a community range day on February 17th from 9:00 AM to Noon! The event will take place at Lytle Creek Firing Line, a beautiful and well-kept outdoor range an hour east of Los Angeles.

There is such thing as a free lunch

Ashford Armament is providing free lunch via Nexx Burger! They have a food truck that will park right next to the range around 11 AM.

This event is completely free!

As Ashford Armament needs to pre-pay the food vendor ahead of time, they’re asking that you RSVP for the range day via this link.***. You’re still welcome to join if you don’t register, but lunch will only be provided for those who register since they’re prepaying for the food.