17 Best Vegan Food Trucks Across The US & UK

From gourmet vegan burgers and ice cream to plant-based chicken wings, these guys got you covered!

Vegan food has exploded onto the culinary scene in recent years and no more can this be seen, than in the street food and food truck industry.

Vegan street food and food trucks are springing up everywhere to meet the demand for plant-based alternatives and are selling everything from meat-free burgers and hotdogs to grilled cheese.

So to celebrate the rise in veganism on the street food scene I have put together 17 of the best vegan food trucks and street food stalls across the US & UK.

1. Kambala Kitchen (UK)

Vegan street food stall in Bristol

A great addition to the Bristol street food scene, Kabala kitchen serves up some awesome twists on comfort food classics. Food such as kebab plates and vegetable tagine is a particular hit.


2. Bun Fiction (UK)

vegan street food stall

Started in 2017 and is another great addition to the vegan street food scene in Bristol.

These rising stars are becoming increasingly famous in Bristol for their gourmet “Philly Cheesesteak” Sandwiches, the “bad motherclucker” and their dirty fries.

3. Karma Kitchen (UK)

vegan street food served from a converted horsebox

Bristol was voted the most vegan city in the world in 2018, would you believe it? So it isn’t any wonder why Karma Kitchen is yet another addition to the vegan street food scene in Bristol.

The name of this food truck instantly implies the food is going to be good for you and when you try it, boy it does disappoint. Tasty and simple, how good food should be.

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4. The Smoked Vegan (UK)

vegan street food stall and food truck

No, not a stoned vegan, but yes selling the green stuff nonetheless. This is a new street food stall to watch out for.

5. GMonkey (US)

Vegan food truck serving delicious vegan street food

Their food truck certainly stands out and they have a wide range of multi-coloured cuisines you would expect from vegan street food.

Made by award-winning gourmet chef, Mark Shadle & Ami Beach and Served from an eco-friendly food truck. You know the food here is going to be good.


6. Wolf & Bears (US)

vegan street food stall

Situated in Portland, Oregon, these guys have two fixed locations to choose from. They sell a good range of pita wraps, hummus, and salad bowls. If you are ever in the area, check them out!

7. Ital Fresh HQ (UK)

In my opinion, this plant-based Caribbean pop-up is a welcome addition to the Caribbean street food scene. Think jerk cauliflower wings, Cali burger with pickled pimento cucumber, and ackee alioli.

8. Plow Burger (US)

Plow Burger - Vegan burger food truck

I love the branding of this food truck business and definitely a rising star of the vegan street food industry. Think established burger chain, but beyond the meat.

Their menu includes the basic Plow burger, the Campfire burger, and a house-curated burger of the week. This week it is the Spring medley burger with violife feta, Panzanella salad, and house Redwine & cranberry vinaigrette.

I would not be surprised if in the future these guys will be a chain rivaling established burger outlets.

9. Club Mexicana (UK)

club mexicana - vegan street food stall in London UK

These guys have a very cool website, advertising themselves as making “100% vegan and totally banging Mexican-inspired street food”.

They can be found at 3 food markets in the East of London, Shoreditch, Netil & Spread Eagle Market.


10. Slutty Vegan (US)

vegan burger food truck

Such a provocative name and it seems the US public loves this street food truck. There were, in fact, recent reports that 500 people waited in line for 5 hours to get a bite at the Slutty Vegan.

Another example of very cool branding and a new wave of vegan, meat-free burger food trucks popping up in the US and UK. The Slutty Vegan has also now opened a brick-and-mortar location in Atlanta.


11. The Cinnamon Snail (US)

vegan food street truck selling plant based street food

People still want their burgers but without the guilt and it is no wonder there are so many meat-free burger food trucks surfacing over recent years.

The Cinnamon Snail can be found in 2 locations out of New York selling a range of gourmet vegan sandwiches. The Creole grilled tofu sandwich and mustard maple tempeh sound particularly nice.

12. Vegan Van (US)

17 cool vegan food trucks. Vegan street food vendor

Straight to the point and does exactly what it says on the tin. Quite the seasoned veterans who started relatively way back in 2013. These guys are yet another example of the Beyond Meat Burger craze.

The Vegan Van has some cool-sounding names for their food like “the bacon hater”, “wing my bell” and “Don’t be a brat”.


13. Word of Mouth (US)

vegan street food truck

Created by Staci Stewart and Chris Chavez in 2017, this plant-based food truck serves vegan comfort food on the streets of LA.

They have quite an impressive and wide-ranging menu such as “spicy fried chick’n’ sandwiches, mac and cheese bites, and the munch wrap (refried bean, potato mix, tostada, house nacho cheese, onion, tomato, lettuce, house sour cream).


14. TruFoo Juice Bar Co. (UK)

Tru Foo Juice Bar Co. - Mobile juice bar

Not technically food but mobile juice and smoothie bars are a natural fit with the vegan movement. You actually couldn’t get any more vegan than uncooked fresh fruit and vegetables juiced and blended into healthy and tasty drinks.

Tru Foo Juice Bar Co. is based in Bristol and travels all around the UK serving juices and smoothies from a pop-up juice bar at street food markets, festivals, and private and corporate events.


15. The Juice Box (fr.)

17 vegan food trucks and street food stalls

Selling juices and smoothies from a lovely converted H-van (an old French Citroen horse van), the Juice Box has an eye-catching menu, which includes:

“Jump Start” (carrot, orange, ginger, lemon) and the “purple Kick” (Orange juice, blueberry, raspberry, banana, green tea).


16. The Juice Truck (Ca.)

vegan food trucks and street food stalls

Hip, cool, and very now, the Juice Truck signifies how the cold-pressed juice trend has become popular in the US & Canada. The Juice Truck has 6 locations in total spread across Vancouver (2 juice trucks and 4 fixed locations).

They have an impressive selection of cold-pressed juices, smoothies, and a range of foods, such as the Jackfruit taco bowl and macro bowls.


17. Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream

vegan ice cream food truck

I couldn’t complete the list of vegan food trucks and food stalls without adding at least 1 vegan dessert. And what better one than the classic ice cream?

Another example of very cool and effective branding, Van Leeuwen ice cream, started way back in 2008 in a yellow truck on the streets of New York City. And they now have multiple trucks spread across New York and LA.

Their Vegan ice cream is made using homemade cashew milk, organic coconut milk, organic extra virgin coconut oil, organic cane sugar, pure cocoa butter, and organic carob bean. Vegan heaven!

So there you have it, 17 of the coolest vegan food trucks and street food stalls helping to drive the street food revolution.

If you know of a street food business that you like and think should be included in the list, leave a comment and I will make sure to add it.


  • Gavin D

    Gavin D is the founder of Street Food Central and Tru Foo Juice Bar Co. and has worked in the mobile catering industry for over 7 years.