This Non-Profit Cleveland Food Truck Helps Trains Inmates For Life After Prison

The Metro45 initiative is part of a broader effort by a charitable organization to assist these individuals in acquiring essential job skills in the food and hospitality sector after their release from jail.

The program involves participants working in a kitchen, attending classes, preparing and cooking food, and engaging in catering services. It is structured to provide culinary training to women in the morning and men in the afternoon, aiming to reduce recidivism by equipping them with skills and opportunities that deter them from returning to their previous lifestyles.

A significant aspect of the program is obtaining Servesafe certification for the inmates, contributing to its impressive 93% success rate. The revenue generated by the food truck is crucial for sustaining the Workforce Development Program.

Additionally, the food truck extends its services to homeless shelters, providing meals to those in need. There’s an ongoing campaign to acquire a second food truck to expand the program’s reach and assist more people.

These income-producing activities offer practical training and work experience for those involved in the program. The initiatives feature a Central Kitchen, a modern commercial kitchen capable of preparing up to 2,000 meals daily for distribution to shelters throughout the area, and a mobile kitchen and catering service, Metro45, which delivers high-quality food and educational outreach to areas of the city with limited access to nutritious food options.

For those interested, the food truck is located at 4515 Superior AvenueCleveland, OH 44103 and is open from Monday-Friday.


Paul Kish