The Cost Of Street Food Meals In France

France, a country synonymous with gourmet dining and culinary finesse, isn’t just a destination for upscale cuisine. While it’s not the street food capital of the world, it still does offer some very good quality food for reasonable prices.

Breakfast on the Go

  • Crêpes: These thin pancakes, which can be savored with both sweet and savory fillings, are a breakfast staple and typically range from €2 to €10​​​.
  • Croque monsieur: This classic grilled ham and cheese sandwich, often drenched in béchamel sauce, is a popular street food, with prices typically around €3 to €5​


  • Jambon-beurre: The quintessential French sandwich, combining ham and butter on a crusty baguette, is a delicious bargain typically priced around €3 to €6​.
  • ​​​Falafel: Venture into the streets for a Middle Eastern twist with a French falafel sandwich, generally costing between €5 to €8​​​.
  • Escargot (Snails): The price of escargot in Paris can vary quite a bit depending on where you’re dining. On average, you can expect to pay about €12 for a dish of escargot, with some cheaper street food options available around €8.
Reuben McFeeters // Unsplash


  • Merguez: A flavorful Moroccan lamb sausage served in a baguette, often accompanied by fries, offering a spicy end to your day, usually costing around €5 to €8​.
  • ​​​Poulet crudités: A simple yet satisfying chicken and vegetable sandwich that is perfect for dinner, priced between €5 to €10​.


  • Waffles: For something sweet, indulge in a French waffle for €3 to €5, a perfect treat to enjoy while meandering through the picturesque streets.

Compared to sitting down at a café or restaurant where a main dish like a sandwich can range from €10 to €18, street food in France offers a palatable experience at a fraction of the cost​​​​. Bon appétit!


Paul Kish