Street Food Delights for a Fresh Start: Nourishing Your Body and Mind During Drug Detox

Street foods are readily available in the whole of the USA. In fact, whatever the city that you travel to, you can find a specific street food that is unique to the location. Apart from those, you can always get the standard foods like hot dogs, mac and cheese, french fries, and other deli foods throughout the country. Many of these foods are not recommended for a smooth recovery from addiction. While these foods themselves are not addictive in nature, they can have a dampening effect on your recovery journey and delay the overall process. If you are someone who is facing addiction problems and would still want to enjoy these tasty foods, then you can approach a Drug Detox Austin Tx center and ask for their input. All centers have an in-house dietician who can guide you about the foods that you can eat without affecting your recovery.

Street Foods Come in All Shapes and Sizes

Street foods come in all configurations. You can buy small bite-size snacks or have a generous dose of high-calorie diets. The key to finding the right bite is to know what foods you can have and what you should not have. Some of the most famous and favorite foods of an average U.S citizen like Hamburgers, Burgers, Mac and Cheese, and French Fries are not recommended for people who are coming out of addiction. These are high-calorie, high-fat foods that reduce the effectiveness of the recovery process. 

Choose Your Food Category & Enjoy The Foods

If you are a recovering addict, then you should shy away from deep-fried foods that are high in fats like French fries. You should completely avoid drinking sodas with sugar. You need to replace sodas with water. However, if you are someone who enjoys eating out then you can still have steamed foods like dumplings that are readily available on the streets. This Southeast Asian cuisine is good for your overall health and will not delay the recovery for you. Similarly, you can eat chicken shawarmas with reduced or low-fat mayonnaise. It contains good proteins and also includes a lavish amount of vegetables that are rich in fiber. Both these are effective and helpful in maintaining your overall health. If you are confused about what to eat, simply join an Alcohol Detox Austin Tx center and get treatment from them.

Relish Both Vegetarian and Meat Based Foods

Some make the mistake of thinking that vegetarian foods are better than meats. True that most meat-based foods are high in cholesterol but if you are only consuming white meat, then they are good sources of clean protein and can be had without any impact on your recovery schedule. In fact, replacing carbs with protein in your diet has shown to provide better results. However, adding deep-fried potatoes, cheese, and foods that are high in fats is recommended during detox for drug addiction. So eat wholesome and healthy foods to come out of addiction in style.