Portland’s Shera Indian Food Truck Destroyed In Fire

The local Portland food truck scene suffered a major setback recently when the town’s most acclaimed Indian food truck, known for its 227 perfect five-star rating and hundreds of glowing reviews, was destroyed in a devastating accident. The owner, revered for his exceptional food and remarkable customer service, now faces a challenging road ahead.

Since its inception in July 2023, the food truck has become a staple in the community of the Richmond neighborhood in Portland, drawing food enthusiasts with its authentic flavors and the owner’s unwavering dedication. Working tirelessly, the owner, a one-man army, created a unique culinary experience that resonated deeply with locals and visitors alike.

However, tragedy struck a few days ago when his food truck was completely destroyed by a fire. While insurance will cover the trailer’s installments, the owner finds himself in a dire situation, having lost all his equipment too. Anyone who has dealt with insurance companies will likely already know that its not a straightforward as being handed a bag of cash for your loss.

The setback is compounded by his personal circumstances: he has two children and a wife overseas, whom he hasn’t seen in over two years.

A GoFundMe campaign has been set up to offer financial support and help him rebuild his beloved business. This initiative reflects the community’s deep appreciation for his contribution to the local food scene and their collective desire to see him thrive once again.

This unfortunate event highlights not only the precarious nature of small businesses but also the impact one individual can have on the food community.


Paul Kish