NPS Displays Illegal Food Trucks Sign Warning In Washington DC

Washington, DC – At the National Mall, Washington DC, a new sign has emerged which was erected by the National Park Service. In short, the sign warns food truck owners that they are not to operate their food trucks in the Mall without a signed NPS placard.

Locals have mentioned that there were a lot of food trucks in the area, so it makes sense that many of these likely did not have the correct paperwork to operate within the National Park land.

Image // Reddit

Mixed views from the public

Some have argued that there shouldn’t be any food trucks in the National Mall at all, and this could be easily solved by a food hall, owned by NPS, leasing out stalls. This solution would put all food operators in a single area and make sure that non-licensed food trucks weren’t polluting the local area.

However, others claimed that the NPS shouldn’t be charging people to sell food in their car park areas, claiming that they do not really care about food trucks, but want to make a profit from licensing fees.