New Mexican Street Food Restaurant ‘Mercadito’ opens in Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids, MI – Last week saw the soft opening of Mercadito, a new Mexican street food restaurant located in Grand Rapids. Here, revelers could enjoy a wide variety of Mexican dishes, desserts, and snacks available at the eatery, which is situated in the former Metro PCS building near Rise Bakery and Ace Hardware.

The grand opening of Mercadito is scheduled for this Saturday, February 24 at 10 pm, and the restaurant is located at 1202 West Fulton Street. With its diverse menu and prime location, Mercadito has the potential to be a hit among locals and visitors alike.


Judging by the soft opening, it looks as though this eatery will specialize in Mexican street food. Although an official menu has not yet been released, the soft opening included chicken and pork Tamales, Conchitas, Flautas, Ceviche, Elote, Tortas, and a dessert menu.

In Spanish, the word “mercadito” refers to a small market or convenience store, typically found in Latin American countries. It is derived from the word “mercado,” which means “market” in Spanish. A “mercadito” typically sells a variety of basic goods, such as food, household items, and personal care products. In some areas, “mercaditos” may also function as a social gathering place, where neighbors can catch up and exchange news. Overall, the term “mercadito” represents a vital part of daily life in many Spanish-speaking communities.

Historically, Grand Rapids has long welcomed a number of successful Mexican restaurants and has some very established spots such as El Granjero Mexican Grill, Luna, and Donkey Taqueria to name just a few. Whether Mercadito will be a long-term hit remains to be seen. However, based on its soft opening it definitely has potential.