New food truck opens in Fredericksburg offering steaks and beer

Fredericksburg, VA – A new food truck serving steak and beer has recently set up shop in Fredericksburg and based on the images, the food looks delicious. Named Ike’s Signature Sandwiches, it specializes in serving up delicious cheesesteaks that are said to be the best in the state. The truck can be found at 1411 Princess Anne Street, and they are open from 12 pm to 11 pm or until they sell out for the day.

On their Instagram page, they also advertise a variety of local grocery items, sandwiches, paninis, and local beers so it seems like there’s something for everyone! If you’re in Fredericksburg and craving a hearty, cheesy sandwich, Ike’s Signature Sandwiches is definitely a spot worth checking out.

For those knowledgeable of Ike’s, you will be aware that this eatery was originally a brick-and-mortar bakery and cafe that closed down in December of last year. Here, they only operated at weekends which was apparently one of the main reasons why they didn’t extend their lease.

It looks like this may be good news for locals though, as since getting their wheels set up, Ike’s has hit the road and now has much longer opening hours. If nothing else, this proves that sometimes, when a restaurant closes down it isn’t always a bad thing and can sometimes lead to better times later on.