New Chicago restaurant Maxwells Trading opens to rave reviews

Chicago, Illinois – Maxwells Trading, a new restaurant in Chicago, has been generating buzz for its unique and mouthwatering menu. According to its chef-owner, Erling Wu-Bower, the menu is a reflection of ‘Chicago food,’ blending the city’s diverse culinary influences into a harmonious whole. This includes an array of dishes such as pasta, soups, pies, and vegetarian options. It also has a cozy bar space that offers cocktails and craft beers.

Wu-Bower’s impressive resume, which includes stints at some of Chicago’s most acclaimed restaurants, is evident in the thoughtfully crafted dishes that are earning rave reviews from diners. This can be seen by its Google reviews profile, which currently has a score of 5/5 stars despite only being open for a matter of weeks.

Image from Google Maps

Located in West Loop, you can see why this restaurant has got off to an excellent start. The interior reflects the food which shows a lot of effort has been put into making this eatery special. Here, it boasts dim lighting, high ceilings, and a spacious floor layout.

Wu-Bower continues his reputation in Chicago

Known in the Chicago food scene, Wu-Bower is a highly acclaimed chef in the Chicago food scene, known for his innovative and personal approach to cooking. His style is a unique fusion of creole and cajun influences from his father’s South Louisiana roots, combined with the Chinese flavors and techniques of his mother, Olivia Wu, a former dining critic and chef. Wu-Bower has been recognized for his culinary talent with three James Beard Award finalist nominations.