Long Beach food truck owner stabbed after helping with street robbery

Long Beach, CA – Bryan Tecun, owner of the popular food truck “Bryan’s Birrieria,” is recovering from serious injuries sustained after intervening in a robbery last Sunday morning. Tecun’s food truck is known for specializing in Birria, a traditional Mexican dish made from slow-cooked meat (typically goat or beef) that’s marinated in a blend of spices and chilies.

Initially, Mr. Tecun witnessed a woman in distress near his usual location at Broadway and Pine in Long Beach. The woman had reportedly been robbed of her phone. Acting with selflessness, Mr. Tecun pursued the suspect in his food truck, ultimately apprehending the individual near Lincoln Park and recovering the stolen phone.

During the confrontation, Mr. Tecun sustained stab wounds, though he initially did not realize the severity of his injuries. He later sought medical attention and was diagnosed with stab wounds to the torso and shoulder, one of which punctured his lung. The suspect was apprehended by police at the scene.

Mr. Tecun’s act of courage resulted in a three-day hospitalization and a recovery period expected to last several weeks at home. Unfortunately, this incident also necessitates the temporary closure of Bryan’s Birrieria, impacting both Mr. Tecun’s livelihood and his employees’ work.

A GoFundMe campaign has been established to assist Mr. Tecun with medical expenses and other financial burdens incurred during his recovery. Since its inception, the campaign has far surpassed the original goal of $7,000.