Greenwood gets a new food truck with rave reviews

Greenwood, Arkansas – A new food truck has just opened for business in Greenwood which has quickly gained the attention of locals. Located at the new food truck lot, 10 EATS on The Spur — 1600 West Center St, this truck is aptly named Titletown Feedhouse and offers BBQ, smoked meats, and hearty, homemade food.

In short, if you want something that will fill you up and you like meat, then this will tick a lot of boxes. Specifically, this includes the likes of pulled pork brisket, beef, loaded spuds, cheese mac, and a variety of sauces. It also offers desserts such as homemade pumpkin and apple pie.


The reviews look good

News of the opening was first mentioned on a River Valley food group on Facebook. Here, one user said: ‘Today I slipped over to Greenwood to try out my ex-nextdoor neighbor’s new food truck. They were the greatest neighbors anyone could have ever asked for and I finally got the chance to go try their food truck. So glad I did too. It was so good! I didn’t know what to get so I got a Man’s plate with 3 meats and 2 sides (plus I added another side) and the loaded spud with brisket. Get over to try their food ASAP! They’re there on the weekends and worth your time, promise!’

This was accompanied by another user who also claimed to have visited, saying the food was delicious. Titletown Feedhouse is open on Friday and Saturday from 11-8 PM.