City of Corning Finalizes New Ordinances for Mobile Food Vendors

Corning, California – During their regular meeting held on Tuesday evening, the Corning City Council finalized new ordinances governing both street vending and food truck operations within the city limits.

The council’s action follows a moratorium implemented in December 2023, which temporarily suspended the issuance of new vendor licenses. This pause allowed city staff to develop separate ordinances specifically tailored to each type of mobile food vendor, replacing the previously employed single, blanket ordinance.

The newly established ordinances introduce various regulations impacting both street vendors and food trucks. These regulations encompass aspects such as:

  • Proximity restrictions: Defining minimum distances vendors must maintain from specific areas, including intersections and emergency service facilities.
  • Lighting requirements: Specifying the types of lighting systems necessary for safe and clear operation during non-daylight hours.

City Manager Brant Mesker emphasized the valuable insights gained by city staff at a recent California League of Cities conference dedicated to the topic of mobile food vending regulations.

Mesker further clarified that the moratorium on new mobile food vendor licenses will remain in effect until the council formally adopts the new ordinances through a voting process. He advised interested individuals that the complete draft versions of the ordinances are available for review on the Corning City Council Agenda webpage.

Mesker concluded by explaining the need for multiple public readings of the ordinances before their final approval and official implementation. The next scheduled meeting to discuss and potentially vote on the new ordinances is set for March 12th.