Best Outdoor Hanging Heaters for Gazebos

4 Best Heaters for Gazebos

Check out some of the best-infrared heaters to keep your gazebo warm in the colder months

Best Outdoor Hanging Heaters for Gazebos

Gazebos are built to be used all year round, not just in the spring and summer, and gazebo heaters are a great way to keep them warm for when we get into the colder months.

However, choosing the best heater for a gazebo can be tricky as there are many makes and models on the market, such as freestanding and hanging heaters.

So to make the decision easier for you I have chosen 4 of the best gazebo heaters based on my own experience using heaters on my food stall at markets and festivals, which can also be applied to gazebos in other settings such as the garden.

I’ve also included a buyer’s guide for things to look out for which include cable length, how many bulbs you may need depending on the number of people inside the gazebo, the type of heating technology and some more things to look out for before making that purchase.


  1. Buyers Guide
  2. Outdoor Infrared Heater by Knightsbridge
  3. TFH Infra-Red Gazebo Outdoor Heater
  4. La Hacienda Heatmaster Popular U3-R20
  5. All Seasons Electric Gazebo Heater
  6. Key Takeaways

Buyers Guide

Below are a few features to look out for when choosing the best heater for your gazebo.


If you using a gazebo, especially as a space for preparing food space will be at a premium which means you want a gazebo heater that doesn’t get in the way.

Go for a hanging gazebo heater that attaches to the pole at the top of the gazebo as opposed to a freestanding heater which takes up much-needed additional space.

Infrared heating

Infrared is one of the best power sources for gazebo heaters and heater appliances in general for a number of reasons. They heat up quickly, are relatively cheap to run, and are more energy-efficient than comparable heaters because it heats objects instead of the air which means less heat is lost.


As mentioned Infrared gazebo heaters work by heating objects (people) and not the environment which means consideration should be given to how many people will potentially be using the gazebo at any one time.

It’s recommended to go for a single-bulb gazebo for heating a max of 2 people at a time and a 4-way multi-directional gazebo heater for four or more people.

IP rated for outdoor use

Outdoor gazebo heaters as the name suggests will be used in all weather conditions, which means they need to be waterproof and weatherproof.

IP ratings are given to products in the UK so they comply with these specifications to be used outdoors. According to RS Electricals, “An IPX2 rating should protect against dripping water equivalent to 3 mm rainfall per minute at angles up to 15°, while IPX3 indicates resistance to continuous spray at up to 60° from vertical“.

Lead length

It’s advised by a number of manufacturers not to use extension cords for outdoor gazebo heaters. One of the main reasons is that most cables for everyday use are not suitable to handle the sustained currents that gazebo heaters need to produce heat, which can be more than 2000 watts in some cases.

Instead, look for gazebo heaters that come with long cables, preferably over 3 meters so you can plug directly into a mains that may be situated some distance away from the gazebo. Alternatively, you can use commercial extension leads.

1. Outdoor Infrared Gazebo Heater by Knightsbridge

Best Outdoor Hanging Heaters for Gazebos - Outdoor Infrared Heater with Mesh Grille


  • Power: 1300 Kw/ infrared heater
  • Supplied with mounting bracket, for pole
  • Replaceable 1300W RS7 Lamp
  • 1.3kW output
  • Protective mesh grille
  • Die-cast aluminum housing
  • Suitable for domestic or commercial applications
  • Fast working temperature
  • Supplied fitted with 3m of H05RN-F 3G 1mm² cable with BS plug top


  • Best budget
  • Long cable
  • Quick heating


  • Does have heat control
  • Not multi-directional
  • Relatively short cable

First up is the best budget Outdoor Infrared Gazebo Heater by Knightsbridge. It has a protective mental grill instead of glass, which helps to avoid broken glass if dropped, and comes in a die-cast aluminium casing for extra safety.

For a single bulb model, it produces a relatively high 1300 watts of heat and like all the hanging gazebo heaters on the list, is infrared which means it heats up very quickly, is energy-efficient, and relatively cheap to run.

However, being a budget model means it lacks features compared to other models. For example, It has a relatively short cable at 3 meters and because infrared heats the person and not the air a single lamp may not be suitable for warming a gazebo where there are more than 2 people.

2. TFH Infra-Red Gazebo Outdoor Heater

Best Outdoor Hanging Heaters for Gazebos - TFH Gazebos Infra-red Gazebo outdoor use Heater


  • Power: 1300 watt/Infrared
  • Mounted wall brackets
  • 5-metre cable


  • Budget price


  • No heat settings
  • Not multi-directional

The TFH Gazebos Infra-red Gazebo outdoor use Heater is a similar model to the outdoor gazebo heater by Knightsbridge in that it offers 1300 watts of infrared heat and comes with a metal mesh grill instead of glass which is a better safety feature.

What sets this model apart, however, is not only is it suitable for a range of pop-up gazebos but it can also be wall-mounted if you want to place it in a more permanent location.

This model also has a 5m cable (compared to only 3 metres for the gazebo heater by Knightsbridge) and is at the lower end of the price scale for gazebo heaters which makes it a good choice if you are on a budget.

The main downside of this model is like the Knightsbridge it doesn’t have a heat setting and has one bulb which means again it may not be suitable to heat a gazebo with more than 2 people at a time.

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3. La Hacienda Heatmaster Popular U3-R20

Best Outdoor Hanging Heaters for Gazebos - La Hacienda Heatmaster Popular Electric gazebo Heater


  • Power: 1800 watt/infrared
  • 4 x 500-watt heads
  • 2 heat settings
  • Pole clamp
  • IPX3 rated for outdoor use


  • Reaches high heat
  • Heats large areas
  • Better for colder climates
  • Has 4 multi-directional lamp heads
  • Mesh grill


  • Can’t turn on bulbs individually
  • More expensive
  • Relatively short cable

The La Hacienda Heatmaster Popular Electric gazebo Heater is a step up from both the Outdoor Infrared Heater by Knightsbridge and the TFH Gazebos Infra-red Gazebo outdoor use Heater, making it one of the best outdoor heaters for gazebos

Not only does it produce more heat at 1800 watts than the other two models it also has a 4-way multi-directional lamp head (as opposed to just the one) which means it can heat up gazebos with 4 or more people in it at a time.

This model also has 2 heat settings, which means you can adjust the temperature according to the climate.

However, the main downside with the La Hacienda gazebo heater is you cannot turn the bulbs on and off individually which does seem like a waste of energy to me if there are only one or two people inside of the gazebo at any one time.

It also has a relatively short cable at 3 metres which could be an issue if the mains supply isn’t close by.

4. All Seasons Electric Gazebo Heater

Best Outdoor Hanging Heaters for Gazebos - All Seasons Gazebos 500W x 4 Bulb ( 2,000W ) Electric Gazebo 


  • Power: 2000 watts/ infrared
  • 5m Wire
  • 4 individual heating lamps
  •  Golden Tube technology


  • Extra-long 5m wire
  • High heat
  • Heats almost instantly
  • Multi-directional bulbs
  • Designed for pop-up gazebo in mind


  • Can’t turn on individual bulbs
  • No heat setting
  • Top-end budget

Last but certainly not least is the best all-rounder All Seasons electric Gazebo heater.

Like the La Hacienda, it has a 4-bulb multi-directional lamp but also provides an almost instant 2000 watts of infrared heat due to its “Golden tube technology” (compared to 1800 watts for La Hacienda). This means it’s good for heating a gazebo with multiple people and because it produces a generous amount of heat it’s probably the best hanging gazebo heater for colder climates.

The All Season’s gazebo heater also has the longest cable on the list at 5m which means it’s a good choice for plugging into mains that are a little distance away.

The main downside of this model is like the La Hacienda you can’t turn the bulbs on and off individually according to how many people are inside the gazebo. It also has no heat settings which feels like it should seeing as it is at the top end of the budget for gazebo heaters.

Key Takeaways

If you are on a budget and only need a heater to heat a gazebo with 2 people max at a time I recommend going for the best budget Outdoor Infrared Heater by Knightsbridge.

For the price, you get some relatively good features which include a well-built die-cast aluminium casing with a protective mesh grille for extra safety and 1.3 watts of energy-efficient infrared heat.

If on the other hand, you have a healthier budget and need a bit more heat for colder climates and want to warm more than 2 people at any one time then I recommend the All Seasons Electric Gazebo Heater.

It has 4 multi-directional bulbs which produce an impressive 2000 watts of heat and has a long 5-metre cable so you shouldn’t be caught out when a mains supply is right next to the gazebo.


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