Beloved Seattle food truck hit by cheque scam

Seattle, Washington – This week, Seattle-based food truck Goodbelly was hit by an unsavory scam that saw them lose over $1,000. The scam was shared on their story and involved a fake company that paid them by cheque, and then canceled the supposed event before Goodbelly could fulfill the order. They then got Goodbelly to refund them through different means, before returning the original cheque. This was shared on the story of GoodBelly’s Instagram account, where the owner was clearly upset by the debacle.

The Instagram post began by saying: “Guys, I just got scammed. These people need to go to hell. I’m so mad right now. I should have listened to my gut and never went with this,” and can be seen in more detail below:

Goodbelly is best known for its malasadas (Hawaiian Style donuts) and over the years has earned the reputation of being one of the best dessert food trucks in Seattle. Thankfully for Goodbelly, the community has responded by sell-out days. Nonetheless, this shows just how unscrupulous certain people are when targeting local businesses.

For those wondering, the malasada is a traditional Portuguese doughnut made of yeast dough, typically flavored with lemon zest, and deep-fried until golden brown. Once they’re out of the fryer, they’re rolled in granulated sugar, giving them a sweet and crispy exterior while maintaining a light and fluffy interior. They’re a beloved sweet treat, especially in Hawaii where they’ve become a popular part of local cuisine due to the influence of Portuguese immigrants.