4 Best Deep Fryers For Food Trucks In 2024

Check out the 4 best commercial deep fryers for food trucks in 2024

5 Best Deep Fryers For Food Trucks In 2023

When it comes to running a food truck or stall, finding the best equipment is crucial to ensuring a mobile catering operation runs smoothly and one of the most important pieces of equipment is a deep fryer.

However, finding the right deep fryer can be a challenge as individual needs will differ such as the space you have available and how many people you intend to serve.

I’ve therefore created a buyer’s guide that discusses the pros and cons of countertop and floor fryers, as well as the differences between electric and gas-powered fryers, as well as 4 of the best commercial deep fryers for food trucks to help you make an informed decision.

So whether you are a new start-up or looking to upgrade your equipment hoping this article can help you make a decision.


  • Buyers Guide
  • Globe PF32E Countertop Electric Fryer
  • Globe GF30G Countertop Gas Fryer
  • Dean SR114E Electric Fryer
  • MoTak MGF5-P Gas Fryer (best all-rounder)

Buyers guide:

Before buying a commercial deep fryer for your food truck there are three main things you should be aware of.

  1. Countertop & Floor fryers – Deep fryers tend to come in two main designs which are either countertop fryers which can be placed on a surface or freestanding fryers which are standalone units.
  2. Power – Deep fryers are powered by either electricity or LPG gas. This is an important consideration for where you operate and what access you may have to power sources.
  3. Capacity – Deep fryers have different cooking capacities which are important when deciding how many people you intend to cater for. The more cooking oil they hold the more food you can fry

Countertop deep fryers


  • Easily transportable – Can easily be moved from surface to surface
  • Space-saving – Good for when space is at a premium
  • Relatively inexpensive – Countertop freezers tend to be cheaper than freestanding models


  • Slower heat recovery between batches
  • Smaller capacity – More suitable for smaller catering operations

Floor Fryers


  • Larger capacity for cooking – Can cook larger batches of food at a time which is good for catering at bigger events
  • Faster recovery rates – Floor fryers tend to get back to the required frying temperature between batches quicker
  • Very robust – Tend to be commercial grade


  • More expensive – More expensive than countertop fryers
  • Not very mobile – Heavy pieces of equipment which mean they are not very mobile
  • Take up space – Freestanding deep fryers are bulky items that take up a lot of space
Countertop FryersFloor Fryers
Easily transportableYesNo
Slower heat recovery between batchesYesNo
Smaller capacityYesNo
Larger capacity for cookingNoYes
Faster recovery ratesNoYes

Electric & gas

Both countertop and freestanding fryer models are also powered by two different energy sources such as electric and LPG gas, and both have their positives and drawbacks.

Electric Fryers


  • An easily accessible power source
  • More mobile and easier to install as not attached to a gas supply –


  • Slower heat-up – Takes longer to heat the oil
  • Longer recovery times – Takes longer to reach the required temperature between batches.
  • Lower maximum oil temperatures
  • Higher costs –  Takes 3 x more energy than gas to reach cooking temperatures

Gas fryers


  • Cheaper to use – Gas tends to be cheaper than electricity
  • Faster heat-up times
  • Faster recovery times
  • Energy efficient – Gas-powered commercial fryers are more energy-efficient than electric fryers, as they convert more of the energy used into heat.


  • Limited Mobility – Gas-powered fryers are not as portable as electric fryers and are typically anchored to a specific location.
  • Installation & maintenance – Gas-powered fryers require a gas line and professional installation and also need to be maintained and have regular safety checks, meaning they tend to be more expensive to install and service.
  • Additional Equipment – Will need other equipment such as propane bottles and ventilation hoods for proper ventilation.
Electric FryersGas Fryers
Accessible power sourceYesNo
Mobile and easy to installYesNo
Slower heat-upYesNo
Longer recovery timesYesNo
Lower maximum oil temperaturesYesNo
Cheaper to useNoYes
Limited MobilityNoYes
Additional EquipmentNoYes

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1. Globe PF32E Countertop Electric Fryer

5 Best Deep Fryers For Food Trucks - Globe PF32E Countertop Electric Fryer

Fryer Type: Countertop fryer

Frying baskets: 2

Oil Tank Capacity: 32 lb Dual Tank

Power Source: Electric


  • Approximately 5-min. oil recovery time between batches
  • High-limit temperature control automatically shuts off power
  • Stainless steel withstands frequent use and resists corrosion
  • Swing-up elements and a removable control
  • Comes with 2 nickel-plated fry baskets
  • Insulated, stay-cool basket handles
  • Built-in basket hooks
  • 3.5-in. stainless steel, adjustable legs


  • Double basket
  • Fast heating
  • Easy clean
  • Automatic shutoff switch
  • Temperature control
  • Suitable for a food stall


  • Relatively low oil capacity

First on the list is the Globe PF32E Countertop Electric Fryer.

Some of the stand-out features with this model include a quick recovery time of 5 minutes between each cook which means you can keep the service moving quicker after each batch; a temperature cut-off switch that turns off the fryer if it gets too hot and swings up elements making it easier to clean.

Moreover, it’s also a good choice for smaller spaces and is easier to move than larger models, making it suitable for things like food stalls where you don’t tend to have fixed appliances.

The main downside of this model is the capacity. It has a 32 lb oil capacity which is ok for smaller operations where fried foods may be sold as a side dish, but for larger operations or where fried food is the main focus you may need something with a little more capacity.

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2. Globe GF30G Countertop Gas Fryer

5 Best Deep Fryers For Food Trucks - Globe GF30G Countertop Gas Fryer

Fryer Type: Countertop fryer

Frying baskets: 2

Oil Tank Capacity: 30 lbs

Power Source: Natural gas


  • Drain valve and extension pipe
  • High-performance stainless steel tube burners
  • Removable oil pan
  • Built-in nesting groove for basket storage
  • Thermostat protection
  • 2 fry baskets
  • Cool-to-the-touch insulated handles
  • Elevated on 4-in. adjustable stainless steel legs


  • 2 fry baskets
  • Drain valve
  • Easy clean
  • Temperature control
  • Energy saving
  • Suitable for a food stall


  • More expensive than electric models
  • Relatively small capacity

The Globe GF30G Countertop Gas Fryer is a similar model to the electric version.

It has a 30lb oil capacity, which makes it a good choice for smaller spaces and for cooking lower volumes of food, has a high-limit thermostat that shuts off the unit if it becomes too hot, and has insulated basket handles to avoid burning your hands.

And, whilst like the Globe electric countertop fryer, it’s good for smaller quantities it may not be a good choice for larger operations or if you need to expand capacity.

Where this model really differs, making it a bit of a drawback is in price. This model is significantly more expensive than the electric version and has a slightly smaller capacity.

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3. Dean SR114E Electric Fryer

5 Best Deep Fryers For Food Trucks -Dean SR114E Electric Fryer

Fryer Type: Freestanding

Frying baskets: 2

Oil Tank Capacity: 40 lb

Power Source: Electic


  • Direct heat transfer
  • Cold zone technology
  • Temperature stability probe
  • Easy operation (switch and light)
  • Easy draining and cleaning
  • Includes 2 twin baskets, basket hanger, and basket support rack
  • 6-in. adjustable legs


  • Cold zone technology
  • Easy to clean & operate


  • Not suitable for smaller spaces
  • Relatively low oil capacity for the price
  • Need additional ventilation
  • Castors sold separately

The Dean SR114E Electric Fryer is a freestanding commercial deep fryer with a 40 lb oil cooking capacity, which gives you an extra 10 lbs of extra cooking, making it a good model for larger food truck operations.

It has a handy “cold zone” feature which collects debris such as breadcrumbs where they are less likely to burn, is easy to clean and operate, and has a temperature probe to make sure set temperatures are maintained.

The main drawback of this fryer is it has a relatively low cooking capacity, compared to similar, more budget-friendly models (which we will come onto next). Moreover, the castors are sold separately, which I think should be included in the price.

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4. MoTak MGF5-P Gas Fryer

5 Best Deep Fryers For Food Trucks

Fryer Type: Countertop fryer

Frying baskets: 2

Oil tank capacity: 70 lbs

Power Source: LPG


  • 18 months of free parts and labour
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • High-limit switch (prevent overheating)
  • Insulated basket handles
  • Stainless steel basket hangers
  • Welded door magnet seals the door shut
  • Galvanized steel sides and back withstand heavy use


  • Large cooking capacity
  • Budget-friendly
  • On castors


  • Not as mobile as countertop models
  • Need additional ventilation

Last but not least is the MoTak MGF4LP Gas Fryer and in my opinion the best all-rounder on the list.

It has a massive 70 lb cooking oil capacity, which is double that of the two countertop models, making it a good choice for catering to a larger number of people.

Like some of the comparative models on the list it comes with a high-limit switch that prevents overheating, has insulated basket handles to prevent burning, and comes with castors (included in the price) for added mobility.

The main positive for me and why I choose the MoTak MGF5-P Gas Fryer as the best all-rounder is the combination of price, capacity, and the other features you get such as an 18-month parts and labour warranty. It’s more budget-friendly than some of the other models on the list, with double the capacity.

I struggled to find a drawback with this model so I came back to the general drawbacks with gas-powered, countertop fryers in that the MoTak MGF5-P may not be suitable for smaller spaces and will require additional equipment such as a full vent hood and fire suppression unit, pushing up the total cost.

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Key takeaway

In summary, it comes down to three main things when choosing a commercial deep fryer for your food truck. What space do you have available, how many people do you intend to cook for and what power source do you want to use?

If you want hassle-free access to power, space is at a premium and you only intend to cook for small amounts of people, or fried foods are a side dish and not your main focus then an electric-powered countertop fryer will suffice.

The Globe PF32E Countertop Electric Fryer is a good choice for cooking smaller amounts of fried food and is quite a bit cheaper than comparable gas models.

If on the other hand, you have a little more space to work, don’t mind the extra installation, and want a fryer with a bit more capacity, then a gas-powered floor fryer is a better choice.

The MoTak MGF5-P Gas Fryer was chosen as the best all-rounder for good reason a good budget-friendly choice for a larger mobile catering operation

Gavin D is the founder of Street Food Central and Tru Foo Juice Bar Co. and has worked in the mobile catering industry for over 7 years.

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